Bitcoin in Argentina is just $12.750 worth it because of the peso crisis

In Argentina, bitcoin (BTC), a premium of a few thousand dollars a piece. The South American country, and that in 2001 it was going out of business, is on the verge of a financial crisis. The external case was $101 billion, compared to €92 million.

Peso-crisis, and capital controls

It all started with the announcement of the president, Mauricio Macri, to the recording of conversion of foreign currency to reduce, and, as reported in the Washington Post last week.
The government wants to avoid that, in particular, of American dollars leave the country, and, therefore, it is up to each Former and up to $10,000 per month from the account record.
In a wider shot, it is an explicit permission is needed from the central bank. In the business world, are also suffering.
The exporters shall, within five days of their revenues in us dollars back to their home country at this stage. Also, companies should be permitted to have foreign currency as a method of payment to accept.
The country has a paltry $15 billion worth of assets on the state balance. It is believed that those reserves are within a couple of weeks, exhausted, and can become, as soon as the peso to further devalues.

The flight to bitcoin

As already seen this year, flight of Argentinians in bitcoin to get their money to save them, in spite of the volatility of the currency. Other assets that are attractive are gold, art and real estate.
The growth in the interest is driving the price of BTC on local. Last week, it peaked as the value of bitcoin is equal to 700,000 of the Argentine peso (ARS), which, when it was at $12.750.
A great contribution of approx. $2,500 per bitcoin then. The news has led to Reddit to intense discussions, and have shared the article on Cryptoslate got a lot of upvotes last week.

Source: the BTC price last week, the Argentine stock market Buenbit

Bitcoin and LocalBitcoins

Also, at the time of this writing, you will pay for a single bitcoin 638.000 Argentine peso (ARS) shall be converted a little more than $11.300.
Trading in bitcoin is going using the official exchange marts, but also, through the peer-to-peer platform, such as LocalBitcoin, and it is becoming popular Bisq. Buyers and sellers of BTC is peer-to-peer file sharing, without the intervention of a swap meet.
If possible, the trade volume Localbitcoins during the past summer, a new all-time high, in part due to a renewed interest in Argentina.
Also, according to recent figures from the CoinDance it appears that the ruilvolume in Argentina remains at the appropriate level. Argentines have bought the past few days to more than 15 million Argentine pesos in BTC.
That is, it is converted to an amount of $267.000.

Source: CoinDance

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