Bitcoin is Cash, (BCH) of miners to a 12.5 per cent ‘tax’ to give

Bitcoin is cash, miners have from the 15th of may, might be a 12.5-percent of the miningbeloning to give it to a Bitcoin Cash fund for use by developers. There is a proposal that has been signed by the different bitcoin to cash miningpools, including by Jihan Wu, and Roger’s Far away.
The 12.5 per cent will go to a corporation in Hong Kong. From there, the funds will be distributed among the developers. How the funds will actually be distributed in may, we’re nowhere to be found in the proposal to find out.

A centralized decision?

The author of the proposal, and to Arrange Zhuoer, calling the proposal itself is ‘controversial’. It is, however, in view of the donation is not voluntary. In the document, we are able to include the following text here: “the participation of everyone to ensure the be a miners ‘ the plan is not followed, excluded from the network.
Miners that don’t plan can, therefore, not a block to the blockchain, add it, and get no reward for it. If the plans go ahead, the miners have no other choice but to agree.
On Twitter, the reactions to the proposal have been mixed. WhalePanda the decision are similar to the payment of the tax. He even goes a step further, he speaks of ” a centralized, totalitarian regime.’ A good point to note is that the WhalePanda to be an avid supporter of bitcoin (BTC), and is a critic of bitcoin in cash (BCH).

A temporary donation

But the miners don’t have to always be a part of their reward is to be used. The idea is that the miners of the 15th of may until the 15th of november to 12.5 per cent to give. These data are not random. On the 15th of may is the next upgrade of the Bitcoin’s Cash network. And november 15, 2020, the upgrade is next on the schedule.
According to Jiang Zhuoer may be the plan for millions of yield for the fund. If you think in terms of a bitcoin is a cash prize of $ 300, and you want to donate to 12.5 per cent of the fund in the amount of six million dollars.
What do you think of it that the miners for a portion of their pay to give?

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