Bitcoin is diving in a couple of minutes and is under $ 6,000, and move heavy

It is, however, very quickly, in just a few minutes, dove into the race with more than a thousand dollars at the bottom, just under $ 6,000. You are aware, we will follow the course, and all of the main developments in the foot. This article will be constantly updated.

12:55 – stock Price continues to fluctuate at around $ 6,000

The chart below is on a per-minute levels. The exchange rate continues to fluctuate between 5.700 and 6.000 dollars. A decrease of more than 20 per cent from 10: 00 am in the morning. And to think that the Us markets still to open, when the trade goes..

12:45 h – RSI-Bitcoin has been oversold

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is oversold. You can, of course, be expected from such a sudden movement. The RSI is a momentum indicator, that is, a score of 0 to 100 of them. If your score is very low, then bitcoin is up against all of the trends have to be quickly sold. RSI compares the closing price of a candle with the close price of the previous candle.
It Is the risk of RSI is above 70? Then, as you speak of an overbought momentum. The RSI is below 30? then, talk to an oversold momentum.
These areas are on different levels. Since this area can have a greater effects to take place. To build on the momentum of the price takes place in these areas, so that there is a possible change of trend to occur.

12:24 – the Two trend lines come together at a certain time

We will now look at the price at which each candle is 1-minute to green. It seems to be the price to something more stable. The two trend lines are coming together, and we were curious as to whether the rapid run amongst us will be able to make it.

12:18 of Course, now on to the important point

It is, in any case, it is a course of this level is able to hold. The red area on the graph below, it is important to support. By 2018, this would be a strong zone until the race in november, with violence in it, it broke. So, if bitcoin is to this price that can keep up if the result is positive.

12:16 – Minuutgrafiek shows you wanted to race

Below is a list of the minuutgrafiek of bitcoin. At 11:30, there seemed to be nothing to worry about. The share price fell, but at a relatively slow pace. Starting at half past eleven, things went very, very quickly.

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