‘Bitcoin is? I will not buy it rather of bananas, you can eat it’ – Breaking News

A billionaire and the owner of the basketball Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, it is always to exciting to give up. In a humorous segment in the MIDDLE, he goes in on the cryptocurrency’s and the OIC’s.

What fool wants to pay for it

Quality starts off all right, he says, is that cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, are only worth what the fool pays for it.
He likened bitcoin, then collectors ‘ items, such as honkbalkaarten, art, and comic books. “There is no real intrinsic value, you can use a honkbalkaart not to eat it. You can have art on the walls, and there might be nice, but you don’t have much to do.”
“With bitcoin, you may have less to do with a honkbalkaart, I can at least get to the illustration to see.”

Crypto is too hard for you and for the people

He expects that the adoption and use of cryptocurrency will have to wait a while. This is due to the complex:
“Computer… is that too complicated for 99% of the population. Do you put it in a machine? You need to print out? How do you prevent your computer from being hacked? Who is your host? It’s just too hard to handle, and it is only well worth what you will pay.
Cuban has never even heard of the GAME. The app is free for Android and iPhone, and that bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency in simple means.

Learn more about the GAME

The role of gold in gold, and bananas

He was also on the gold:
“Gold is like religion, people of gold, and say that in a bad economy, you have a better gold, you can own it. Then everything will be all right. But you wear a gold bar so someone can knock you out, save it, and if you have the gold to steal. I would like to get the bananas, you can eat them. Crypto isn’t.”

Nuance, nuance!

As he points out, his words a little: “It’s not that I’m against the computer myself. You just have to be very careful. In the best-case scenario, it’s a store of value.
He also says that bananas are a bad example. They can be corrupted. However, he continues to stand behind its decisions, even though they were meant to be funny.
“Cryptocurrency is a way to save it, but to no currency, or fiatgeld. If you have a lot of people may find the computer you want to buy, then the value will go up. And vice-versa”.
A striking detail is that the basketball team Dallas Mavericks, recently, bitcoin accepting payments.

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