Bitcoin is no longer safe, to take care of with a Mixing service, that’s why

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In the crypto-Community, there are often discussions about the anonymity of Bitcoin. Some users think it is anonymous and is ideal for shadow-operations, while others claim that anyone can be determined in a distributed network.

What is the basis for the anonymity? The main reason for the anonymity of Bitcoin is that the user can at any time use a new address for transactions. In this case, it will not be encrypted necessary information about yourself to reveal, because the addresses only consist of a series of Numbers and letters, not personal data. In fact, the whole of the distributed Bitcoin network is a
Series of transactions between addresses that no one knows the hidden owner.

But the owners are sometimes recognized anyway. There are various ways to determine the relationship between the Bitcoin address to a particular Person or company.

Hardware and technical process: The network Nodes exchange data, and the Node that receives the transaction from the user’s Computer, can record its IP address. The more Nodes a person has, the more data about transactions and IP-addresses of this collect can. In addition, a Internet-Provider data, the logs, stores and if required, he can share this with law enforcement authorities.

The user leaves traces: The Sending and Receiving of Bitcoins, the purchase of Goods, the exchange for Altcoins, is forced on the user, some data about themselves to reveal. For the payment of some Goods in Online stores, the buyer is forced to its delivery address. During the exchange of Bitcoins through the exchange against Fiat-currencies, or Altcoins, the user specifies the result of the verification required by any reputable stock exchange, to recognize.

Cluster analysis: In the Blockchain, all transactions are stored in the public domain, which means that everyone can relate to transferred of which addresses the Bitcoins to a specific user, and where these were sent. In addition, the Connections between these addresses are analyzed and the entire network of Referrals resolved.

How the data protection or privacy for transactions on the Blockchain can be increased

Despite the seeming impossibility, to remain truly anonymous, there are some steps you can do to try to increase the security:

The most obvious and most fundamental way to increase anonymity is to Hide the IP address. Various anonymizer, VPN, TOR will help. They will make it for those difficult to Website Link information, and other users with which direct transactions are carried out to detect the user addresses.Use of different addresses. This is a more obvious and one of the most affordable options. Back up your data and your crypto-currency. An unlimited number of free addresses is available and this possibility should not be neglected.Real hide identity. This is supported by the habit, on sites where the user released his real-life data, e.g., in social networks, to specify any addresses in the crypto-currency. Also you should not have any nicknames on Kryptos-sites that contain any personal information, such as Name and date of birth.Use of Wallets with a high degree of anonymity. Holders of crypto-currencies, you want to clean your Bitcoins, it is recommended that transactions with such Wallets, like Electrum.The use of Bitcoin & crypto-mixer. This is a special service that accepts multiple transactions from different users of these Coins at random and new addresses, making the calculation of Compounds is difficult. At the same time, it is worthwhile to choose a Mixer that has at the time of the implementation of Transfers across multiple options, e.g. different number of inputs and outputs, a variable Commission, a time delay and a few more.

BitMix.Biz Secure Crypto-Currencies Mixing Service

Due to the distribution of the funds over various Wallets, it is impossible to make a connection between the sender and the recipient determine. It is also possible for transactions to be split into several parts, in order to hide the actual amount of transferred Coins.

For the services of the crypto-mixers, a fee of 0.5% to 5% of the transferred amount is usually due and payable. But it is worth it to think that by Sending Coins to the address of another
Wallets, often there is the danger, not back. Therefore, you should reduce risks as far as possible and a service that has proven successful and can be trusted.

If you Coins to the mix to BitMix.Biz send, you will receive a Letter of Guarantee, with the key BitmixQRMUHYYYEi11KBRhSfACa1BtcZrz that you can use to ensure that the addresses used belong exactly to this service. This Letter will also help you to prove that you have funds to BitMix.Biz addresses to transfer, if suddenly something goes wrong.

This cryptocurrency mixing service supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and the recently added Dash. There is an affiliate program, a simple API for the connection to the services, and many
other features – read more in the FAQ (see below).

BitMix.Biz uses a fee for the crypto cleanup, which can be changed manually or automatically, with a Minimum of only 0.4%. When you call the Service site via the gate-level, it will slow down a random fee collection, the analysis of transactions, and if you apply a delay in the Transfer, those who want their crypto-transaction to spy on have almost no Chance to track the movements of your digital currencies.

A large number of crypto-Coins to transfer has BitMix.Biz a built-in Option for increased randomization with a different number of addresses in the in – and output. The safety of large Transfers is guaranteed by guarantee deposits in various forums (found on the left under Support).

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