Bitcoin is now more profitable than before the Crash! Why the current BTC rally is a turning point

Bitcoin has had a technically significant upward trend, with the Asset melt virtually could all of the losses from the core in the middle of March to compensate. The rate increase of 1.000 dollars sent shock waves in the entire crypto-market, and saw many Altcoins considerable profits.
This upward trend follows on a seemingly month-long extreme rush of investors, and this suggests that this was up driven trend, primarily from private investors advance.
The data on the number of Wallets with a balance not equal to Zero, and the dwindling Open Interest of Bitcoin seem to confirm this presumption.
Bitcoins the upward trend reached a turning point, as small investors propel massive moves ahead
This recent upward trend seems to be due to significant buying pressure from retail investors have been triggered, the bear with enough force met to catalyze an intense rally. This rally led to the BTC of the low stands at 3,800 $ today established all-time highs of just over $9,000.
May be also some fundamental factors at play during this movement a roller, the upcoming Bitcoin halving in connection with the ongoing recovery in the traditional markets in favor of the bulls played.
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The continued recovery of the crypto-currency could prove to be as stable as in the past years, as the profitability data of the crypto-point investors to the fact that they have operated in the past few weeks, a large volume of “Dip buying”.
The Blockchain analysis platform Glassnode writes in a post about this phenomenon. Accordingly, the profitability of the circulating BTC has risen since the last Time you were traded to this price, to 9 percent.

“The entire Bitcoin market is now in a more profitable condition than before the Crash – suggesting that investors have bought the Dip. If BTC exceeds the 8.300 $brand, there are 73% of the outstanding BTC Coins in a winning state – 9% more than the last Time we saw this price.“

On-Chain metrics suggest a significant increase in the number of private investors

When looking at data about who has been involved in recent times in the crypto market, it is clear that retail investors have played a prominent role in this movement.
Data from the Blockchain-analysis platform Skew show that the Open Interest has gone back to the popular crypto-trading platform Bitmex lately anyway, and today in particular, as a result of the extensive liquidation of Short positions.
This indicates a lack of commitment of the active crypto-Trader.
If you combine this with the massive growth of the BTC Wallets with balances not equal to Zero is according to data from Glassnode clear that small investors were the main suspects behind this rally.
Passive investors, who drive this movement forward, to strengthen the medium-term Outlook of Bitcoin, as you suggest, that this could upward trend is sustainable as the Margin traders driven.
Bitcoin is currently risen to # 1 by market capitalization in the last 24 hours by 15.8%. BTC has a billion and a market capitalization of $168,7 billion, with a 24 hour volume of $71,71
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