Bitcoin is the strong resistance for the Easter holidays, at 5.800 us $ or 7.800 dollars?

Since last night, three hours in the bitcoinkoers five percent to below $ 7,000 (6.400€). Thus, the course essentially in the same place as last week. What can bitcoin do during the easter weekend?

To be strong, to resistance

Earlier this week, we wrote about the 50-day Moving Average, which is a moving average of the past couple of days. The chart below shows the average of the red line.
In this line, it is still a strong resistance. For the past few days it seemed like it was a piece of cake, but the line was difficult to break them down.
When it comes to the price, however, fails to rise above its 50-day Moving Average, it is a good sign. At the beginning of this year, let bitcoinprijs above the line, below could be bitcoin, more than two months to be served is lost with an increase in the direction of $ 10,500 (9.600€).

Bearish: bitcoin goes to 5.800 bucks

We can zoom in some on the graph, you need to go to the bitcoinkoers by the end of February through to the present day. Every candle on the chart represents four hours. The large drop in last night to see the last of the red candle.

Since it is the lowest point on the 13th of march, the price of bitcoin is in an upward trend. With each fall the price, namely the support to the rising blue trend line.
In march, bitcoin was hard to get in the red zone, in general, between 6.600 usd (6.030 euros) and a height of 6800 bucks (6.211 million).
However, the price in the end by such a zone is broken, and until bitcoin’s resistance was 7.400, the $ 6.760 million). That is, it is in the orange zone on the chart.
Last night, the price is good, this popped up bitcoin, also lower than expected due to. Drops in bitcoin continue? You will find that the price is likely to support, at the height of 6800 bucks (6.211 million).
Drop the price any further than the red zone, then it is 6.170 usd (5.633 euros) 5.830, the $ 5.323 euro) to the following boundary conditions. In the chart below, you can see this support on the orange line.

Bullish: bitcoin rose to 7.800 dollar,

If the bottom is nearly in sight, then bitcoin is once again an attempt to get by, 7.400, the $ 6.760 eur) to shoot. This time, however, it is 7.800 dollar, (7.122 euros) to the next resistor. In the graph below the green line.

What will be in the next few days? We love to see you!

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