Bitcoin laurels by billionaire Jack Dorsey

In the Crypto-sphere, there are many people who have an opinion. Often these opinions are based, more or less, and therefore, sometimes more or less valuable. But on whose opinion you should listen to when it comes to Bitcoin, Ethereum and co.? Nobody is always right, not even people with a lot of Knowledge and experience. Nevertheless, it is worth just for these people to hear.Belongs to this genus of man is also the Co-Founder and current CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, in the Crypto area. The billionaire is already longer than Bitcoin Fan is known, and also leads the financial services company Square. In a new Interview he gives deep insight into his opinion of BTC, which can be useful for your own opinion. Therefore, we summarize in this article some important aspects of his statements.

Bitcoin Fan Jack Dorsey in an Interview

Was interviewed Jack Dorsey of Lex Fridman, a researcher at the Elite University in the United States, in the course of the 91. Episode of Friedman’s “AI Podcast”. Here’s the billionaire and the CEO of Twitter, will be asked to many issues, one of the main topics of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin.When answering the questions, only to find that his enthusiasm for BTC can run free and referred to as the white paper of Satoshi Nakamoto for example, as “poetry”. In addition, he is also closer to the impact of Bitcoin as a global currency of the Internet on the economy.Longer-Dorsey is committed to the most popular crypto-currency Bitcoin and sees it as a means to a better world and future. Interestingly, it seems his Conviction of BTC to be so large, that he is committed in the biography of his Twitter account-with 4.5 million followers, not as a “CEO of Twitter and Square,” but only to “#bitcoin”.Trade on the worlds leading Social Trading platform!Join the millions of people who have already discovered how it smarter to invest by copying the best investors in our Community, or be copied and as a result, a second income can be achieved. Start now!

Bitcoin as a global currency of the Internet

When it comes to building a business and how to open up new markets, know Dorsey what he is talking about. In his opinion, a global Internet currency would facilitate trade and Open up new markets for companies, which would lead to many benefits. Currently, it is more likely that such actions are connected with obstacles:

[…] I think that the Internet deserves its own currency and requires, and that is why I believe so much in Bitcoin.To open a new market, we need to enter into a partnership with a local Bank, we have to be aware of different regulatory Onboarding environments, and a digital currency such as Bitcoin takes us most of the time. We can potentially introduce a product in every single market in the world, because they all use the same currency, and we have a uniform understanding of regulatory and Onboarding, and what that means.

BTC as “poetry” of computer science

Apart from such economic benefits, is Dorsey in the audience of the interview, no doubts about how fantastic he finds Bitcoin so a theoretical concept. He referred to the work of Satoshi Nakamoto one of the greatest breakthroughs in the past 20-30 years in computer science.

I think the best part of it [i.e., Bitcoin] is that no one pretends the direction, and that there are, on the other hand, no Person can prevent it.I think the Bitcoin white paper is one of the most groundbreaking works of computer science in the last 20-30 years – it is poetry.

An uncertain future

As Jack Dorsey of Bitcoin convinced seems to be so realistic he is in terms of its future. In doing so, he emphasizes in his statements that no one knows the future of BTC, but at the same time is also of the opinion that this should be the same. Every individual can play a part in how the future of Bitcoin will look like.

I think the Amazing thing is that no one knows. And it can arise, and every Person that comes into the Ecosystem, be it a developer or someone who uses it, can its direction on a Small or Large change.And so it should be, in my opinion, because the Internet has shown that this is possible.

Anyone who wants to gain a deeper insight into the opinion of the Twitter CEO’s, you can watch the complete, above-linked Interview on Youtube. However, even this small view into Dorsey’s point of view on Bitcoin is very inspirational. If you’re also convinced of Bitcoin, think that it can move the world for the Better and your own Research have made, we can you for your BTC buying eToro recommend. The right Broker or the right to Exchange one of the most important points is to be selected at all.

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