Bitcoin Lightning network comes through this App’s mass Adoption?

Bitcoin is a payment network, and so in need of this type of network for his success to people who use it. The more people in the world in the BTC network is, the better. Because the digital Gold, however, is just 11 years old, it still requires a whole lot of Adoption, the history of success to continue to expand.

Also, if Bitcoin is currently being used primarily as a speculative object, or in the best case, as a store of value, it was actually invented as a digital cash of Satoshi Nakamoto. Thus, the Adoption can be done as a means of payment, however, there is a need, firstly, a scalable Second Layer Solution such as the Lightning network, and in addition, user-friendly Apps, encouraging people to use the new technology. This is exactly why now could be a breakthrough to happen, the Bitcoin may bring to mass adoption.

New “Strike” App for Bitcoin, and Lightning

Bitcoin in its current Form is not scalable, because the network can handle, due to its decentralization to few transactions per second. Sole and exclusive remedy is to create in the next few years, especially the Lightning network, which BTC could give a breakthrough as a Medium of Exchange (means of payment).

But so great is the hopes, the sobering, the current Figures are. According to the Lightning data provider 1ML, 9 million USD in the Form of BTCs are in the network lured and 13,000 Nodes are in the network.

But this expansion enabled the development could see a new App called “Strike” in a new direction and a real Boost that you can hope for as a Bitcoin Fan, the desired mass Adoption. The App was developed by a well-known developer and contractor in the BTC Space called “Jack Mallers”.

The App focuses on to allow normal people to use the crypto-currency Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. So Jack Mallers wrote in a Twitter Post on 2. July:

I have just published the announcement of the Beta Version of the game
A new #Bitcoin Era is born. @ln_strike BETA is available for everyone to Download.
Your debit card can now pay for Lightning-bills. Your Bank account now talks Bitcoin.
Ready to take off ????

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Simplicity of the App is a popular one

The special feature of the Strike is that it is allowed according to the Mallers everyone in the world, “with Bitcoin and Lightning Network protocols to interact only with a Bank account and/or debit card”. Established Bitcoin Fans know, that dealing with the Asset can be Wallets, Nodes, Seeds, and Channels Often a lot more difficult.

The simplicity of the Strike seems to find already popular in the Bitcoin Community. So Dan Hero praises of the Crypto-exchange, Kraken, Strike as a fantastic product:

A fantastic product, laser focused on delivering a great user experience for Bitcoin users.

Also the CSO of block stream, Samson Mow, is the focus of the developer of Strike convinced. He thinks that “the team, the focus on the user experience, (will win) the next billion Bitcoin users”. So remains only to hope that the Strike actually such a big success that the Bitcoin Adoption could be sustainably promoted.

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