Bitcoin market size compared to traditional markets

The exponential growth of Bitcoin in the last 11 years, has attracted the attention. BTC has attracted not only billions of dollars from investors, but just to enforce it as a possible payment and store of value.The growth is remarkable in such a short time, but the size of the market of Bitcoin still looks puny compared to the traditional investments and currencies. An illustration of the market size of BTC in comparison to more traditional assets shows how small it really is and how much room she has in the coming years.

Comparison between Bitcoin and traditional markets

The market capitalization of Bitcoin is currently approximately 170 billion USD. This reflects the massive growth that has experienced BTC in the last 11 years. Of a Cypher-punk movement in Secret on a possible store of value for the masses.Nevertheless, a comparison between the market size of the Bitcoin with other major markets shows how tiny she is on a global scale really. This is an indication that the current investors still belong to the Early Adopters (early adopters).

Bitcoin has a fraction of the market size of traditional Assets

Rafael Schultze-Kraft, the founder of the Analytics platform Glassnode, language in a recent Tweet about the limited market size of Bitcoin. He pointed to data from its platform about the size of BTC in comparison to Gold, the balance sheet of the FED (Federal Reserve, Central Bank of the United States) and the global currency supply.Rafael said:

And if you’re wondering how early we are in Bitcoin take a look at the relative market size of Bitcoin.

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The hardest money is always

The potential upside of BTC could be fueled by traditional investors that are looking for a “hard” Asset. A hard Asset allows it to escape investors, the turbulence will experience the traditional markets in the coming months, probably.The well-known Bitcoin proponent, Dan Hedl said:

If the confidence in the existing institutions, is lost, we experience a normal, retail-driven FOMO-cycle. But a flight to the safety of the money in the world“

It will be exciting to watch how the increasing hardness of Bitcoin will impact the price. After the next Halving it will be almost as hard as Gold. In 4 years, Bitcoin is already twice as hard as Gold, and thus the hardest Asset in the history of mankind. In the past, has always the hardest money by.Will Bitcoin ever reach the market capitalization of Gold or even more?(Image Source: Shutterstock)

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