Bitcoin micro-payments in an elevator? Lightning Network is growing fast

The activity of the Lightning-enabled Network (IN) continues to steadily grow. We can be cautiously concluded that the micro-payments with bitcoin (BTC) is known for. On the other hand, the volume will still continue to be left behind.

Lightning Network, microbetalen with bitcoin

Not only is the base layer, it is fundamentally more secure than ever before, the LINK becomes more and more optimized.
IN the second layer to bitcoin, where you have a lot more quickly bitcoin can be sent without the surface load.
One of the advantages is that it has the smallest amount of bitcoin (1 satoshi; $0.0001, ed.). “one size fits all’ to send, without third party censorship. In theory, millions of transactions per day in the growing, distributed network.
The brings this news, based on new data from the database, 1ml. Some of you need to know:
The number of nodes to a 3.5% increase, for a total of 9.863. The Nodes are the computers in the local network and powered up. A well-known supplier, for example, the Casa, which is a separate device on the market.
The number of pay-per-view’ over the last month and a 16% increase to the 36271 pieces. A betaalkanaal is a connection between the nodes, so bitcoin owners can switch back and forth.
More than 60% of the available nodes, so it has to be an active betaalkanaal. This is good news, because it means that the node owners to be active in their paid-for feature.

Source: 1ml of statistics (screenshot of the real-time data).

828 bitcoin

It is not all a bed of roses: you will find 828 bitcoin (BTC) in the network to be stored, converted to $8.3 million, and that number has been over the past two months, however, have declined.
Thus, the number of bitcoin in the month of July 945 BTC converted to $11.2 million.

10 myths about Lightning Network, has been refuted

The German IN the developer René Pickhardt invalidates, in the videos below are a number of myths surrounding it IN the network.

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