Bitcoin millionaire be – it really needs in the next few years

Bitcoin millionaire to be employed – a dream that many people in the Crypto-Space, and be motivated to acquire more and more Knowledge. Just by the Bullrun in 2017, the first time the entire Public on Bitcoin has become, many have heard of investors who will have earned a lot of money with BTC. Even before that, there were times in which for an Investment at the right time several thousand percent return on investment. This stunning past of the Assets, with a total of almost 9.000.000% return in the last 10 years is what Bitcoin also does well, a few months before the Halving, again, an interesting Investment. Unfortunately many only Dream of. But what it really needs in the next few years to become a Bitcoin millionaire? We’ll get the time machine and try an approach to this question.

Bitcoin millionaire be – Halving as a help?

Gerde since a few weeks it is in bloom in many of the dream of great wealth by the private Bitcoin Investment again when the rate is again on the upswing. As yesterday reported, there is an analysis according to the theory, only 2 hurdles that would have to take BTC for a new all-time high. Despite a slight decline in the Bitcoin price is still above the important 10,000 mark.
At the same time, it goes with rapid steps to the Halving Event. Latest calculations indicate that the 12 comes. May in question, according to the case the Hashrate does not increase more solid. This is interesting because of the halving of the Miner reward is always associated with the parabolic growth phase in the connection. The Bitcoin exchange rate seems to move in a 4-year cycle. The upward trend since the beginning of January, and the upcoming Halving of fire so, again, the dream of many Bitcoin investors.

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So many BTC could range

We take for the answer to the question of how many Bitcoins you need to have today in order to be in a few years, maybe already a millionaire, the past to help. More precisely, we take the current Post from January of this year by the Crypto Trader “RA Capital” to help.
In this he writes that a chart analysis in turn provides the following results. The Bitcoin exchange rate was around the 1. Halving from the lowest point to rise before this Event up to the highest rate after the Event (before the subsequent Crash) 13.378%. In the same case, only around the 2. Halving increased BTC to 12.160%. On average, 12.769% are.

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And now?

This means that, in theory, with the right Timing 7.474 USD would have been enough to come up with the price increase around the 1. To be Halving Bitcoin millionaire. Also at the 2. Halving it would not have been much more. Here 8.223 USD would have been enough.
Suppose the Bitcoin price is rising around the upcoming 3. Halving the above-mentioned average 12.769%, that would bring this from a Low of 3,198 thousand USD in December of 2018 to a High of 408.352 USD. In this bill it would take at the current time, almost 24.669 USD in Bitcoin, so at a current price of 10,200 USD 2,41 Bitcoins.

The big BUT to the Bitcoin millionaire

So much in theory. To all that already have the Dollar signs in the eyes, however, said that this forecast has some big buts. But what are they?
These arithmetic acrobatics is, as said in the theory. In practice, however, is known, then it is always a little different. No one knows what courses Bitcoin after the 3. Halving really can achieve, or at all.
On the other hand, the basic assumptions of the bill on the past, and this need not always correspond to the future are based. And even if they did, then you would need to set it to exactly at the lowest point, bought and sell at the highest point. And the best Investor or Trader gets self.
The question of how many Bitcoins you have to have to be in a few years a millionaire, so finally, of course, did not answer. Nevertheless, a spark of truth in all of it. The chances are good that 2020 will be again a year with a very good Win for Bitcoin. For 2021, some predict the next Bullrun. This will need to show in the first place.

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