Bitcoin miners are miners produced all of the $14 billion worth of BTC

Since the launch of the bitcoin network is secured by the miners. They were well-rewarded: the bitcoin miners have collectively been $14 billion worth of BTC, and within raked. That, reports Forbes.
Then, we will look at that amount of money, of course, to the market price at the time of the bitcoin the market for. As each and every bitcoin ever mined a bitcoin miner.


In spite of the huge competition, it seems as though this branch of industry is more important than ever before. As long as you have cheap electricity, and reliable hardware that allows you to great profits. Made in 2019 for the various records in the area of the hashrate.
The network of bitcoin is as secure as you take a look to the available computing power.

Billions of

Since the launch of the network on the 3rd of January 2009, it took 8 years for the miners to make a joint $5 billion worth of sales to turn around. The next one to five took just over 8 months.
If bitcoin is not a fool is going to do in terms of the price, then tap for the miners to be somewhere in 2020 [$20 billion in total sales.
The total revenue of the bitcoin miners. Source: Yahoo! Finance


In addition to the ever-growing revenue, there are also more and more hardware is used in order to participate in the network. Today, there is a new all-time high set in terms of hashrate: 83.5 TH/s.
The growth in the hashrate just shows there is more hardware that will be used to make blocks, and thus transactions have to be validated. As a reward, receive a miner as a fee. That is, the block reward of 12.5 BTC and the transaction costs of the payments processed.
Crypto-billionaire Marc van der Chijs makes bitcoin miningfirma also turn a profit. By the way, that the bitcoin price has made a wager on this year for a lot of people turn-around to get the computer to fire.
It can also go wrong: Bitmain has lost in the first of this year for $625 million. The mining industry is a very competitive one. A small error in judgment can get you a lot of money.
Source: Cointelegraph
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