Bitcoin: On the ominous “plus token” behind bitcoin, and this year?

The Bitcoin price recovery in the summer of 2019 could have been the work of plus token-investors. The fraud in China is far-reaching, but for Western traders and our Social Media channels are largely invisible, benefited greatly from the Hype and the rising BTC.

Plus token at the beginning of 2019 provides increased Bitcoin demand

“Primitive Crypto”-a co-founder of Dovey Wan believes that the plus token System could have on the Bitcoin market is manipulated. Also the BTC Crash back in July, plus a token of his Wallets, Huobi has emptied.

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The observation is consistent with findings that some of the plus token-Wallets in November, with Coins issued, which should have led to the recent Crash to the current value.
Plus token Ethereum-whale is at the same time, however, the funds were not removed from the Wallet.
Should have generated plus token, the demand for Bitcoin, so this fits in with the Thesis that the BTC price recovery in June was an anomaly.
According to estimates, the elaborate crypto Scam controlled at least more than 187,000 BTC, based on balances data and Collect as many well-known Wallets and addresses.

Previous estimates had revealed, moreover, that plus token its investors to approximately 200,000 BTC has cheated. The number of Bitcoins is similar to the one that hold some of the largest barter exchanges. It is still uncertain how much of it is on Huobi is omitted.
The exchange now has the biggest Cold Wallet for BTC, with over 220,000 Coins. Huobi was the recipient for several Bitcoin transactions.

Cloud-Token is gaining more and more followers

The plus token Initiative is not the only popular Ponzi scheme. In Parallel to the plus token arrests, it was suddenly a lot of advertising for a “Cloud Token”.

Based on current Reports, the Cloud-Token program is still in operation and is also applied in the case of Chinese investors are active. So far no one was arrested, however, the publicity generated some attention in the social media.
Ponzi schemes in Bitcoin-based tend to be profitable when prices rise. Falling prices also mean that the System would collapse.
Today, Wednesday, BTC once again witnessed huge selling pressure, the left Bitcoin in the short term under of 7,000 $ to fall. BTC rallied to 7.027,23 $, but still big selling pressure.

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