Bitcoin Oracle: It is time for Plan ₿

From its all-time high of 20,000 US dollars, Bitcoin has fallen by 65 per cent and is much lower than the end of 2017. But analysts come to the conclusion that the popular crypto currency, despite the seemingly pessimistic and weak price movements in the last months and years from a macroeconomic point of view, is now more promising than ever before.
This may sound crazy, but according to a prominent industry leader as a single statistic illustrates this point quite clear: The global debt of the governments.

The global public debt doubled

Although the world seems to be today more prosperous than ever before, this is a kind of Illusion. In order to support the, what some would refer to as the facade of wealth and success, the governments of the world beyond their means and have taken on habits that are on a level, as you could take it through tax revenue and other sources of income. These expenditures have accelerated in the last few years, undoubtedly, because the governments had to mend growing problems in the society.
According to Dan Hero of Kraken, a former Executive at has led this Trend, the global state of debt of $ 30 trillion in 2007, before the Great recession (2008), increased to 70 trillion dollars, and today “the infinity approaches”. This is due to the fact that global debt has reached almost 250 trillion dollars, as reported by CNN.
It is time for the Plan ₿
This increase in global government debt in about ten years, shows that it is “time for a Plan ₿” and refers to the potential of Bitcoin.
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The state debt of the USA is on 16. April to 24.3 trillion Dollar increased, the 1 trillion dollars more than the ~of 23.3 trillion dollars, with which the year started. The particularly rapid growth of this ratio is due in particular to the 6 trillion Dollar economic stimulus program, the White house and the Congress.

Bitcoin is the solution

In view of the rapidly rising public debt and, apparently, without any concrete or sustainable plans to repay the amounts, there are seemingly three main scenarios that may prevail, to “stop the debt super-cycle”. In these three cases, Bitcoin, whatever happens seems to benefit from it.
Governments are trying their way out of debt is to inflate, or it is held to be a “debt jubilee”: a ever-growing debt burden, many expect a scenario in which the government is trying to the money supply to inflate to reduce the real value of the debt payments. This would lead to rampant Inflation and the value of the scarce Bitcoin in trade. Debt could also be adopted in one way or the other, which may trigger outrage and demand for an alternative System rapidly increases.
Due to monetary and economic factors, Deflation sets in: A scenario that appeared years ago, maybe irrational, but now actually could happen, is the Deflation. A Deflation would cause the real value of the debt loads governments have been so greatly increase, that this may not be more portable.
This will trigger according to Raoul Pal of the Real-Vision is the world’s largest insolvency event, in which companies and governments, under certain circumstances, with large debt amounts in arrears can get. This would lead to social unrest and the demand for Bitcoin to prove.
Fiat is abandoned: We could experience a change from a Fiat System as we know it today, to a new monetary paradigm. As Ray Dalio says there will be a “new world order”. Bitcoin will benefit from this, since it has proved to be a store of value, and some say that it also has the potential to be the basis for the next Currency period.
Of course, this is an ever-changing macro landscape be simplified into three scenarios a bit too strong, and embellished some of the ideas, but many seem to be sure that the continuation will increase the end of the crisis, the value of Bitcoin and other decentralized systems in many ways. Like Michael Novogratz formulated best:

“Last year, BTC) has become (to a Macro-weapon, and an investment decision. Hedge funds and high net worth individuals, you have never bought before, now buy.

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