Bitcoin passes this with flying colours, to $ 10,500, according to this indicator, the

In the last couple of days to move the price in between a range of 8.600 usd (7.960 eur), and 9.100, the $ 8.415 million). Hurry, the price will continue to go up? Or does bitcoin is what?
With the current exchange rate of the bitcoin you can follow it here:

Follow the live bitcoin exchange rate

A Bull flag, you can race to the top $ 10,500 drive

In the short term, it looks good for the price. You have to look at the dollar exchange rate of bitcoin), every candle on the chart represents four hours. In a bull flag, you can make sure that the bitcoin will soon go to $ 10,500 (9.720 euros of in.

This koersformatie results in a lot of cases, a significant increase. A bull flag to help you remember:

First, the price for a huge move up. That is, it is in the back of the goal.
After that, it moves in the exchange rate between the two trend lines at the bottom.
Breaks down that the price at the top end is off? The increase is as large as the mast of a flag.

In this case, it means that the price might be even though it may break out to $ 10,500 (9.720 euros).

However, indicators show correct temp top

However, it may also be the case that the price will soon be right will go down. Are you looking for the bitcoin exchange rate in u.s. dollars, each and every candle on the chart represents a day. Two of the indicators show that bitcoin is at a temporary peak, to drive the MACD and the Relative Strength Indicator.

The MACD is in the second graph. The MACD is a derivative of the fast MA (12-day Moving Average and the slower MA (26-day Moving Average). In most cases, the MACD and the direction of the trend: up or down.
We can see that the green bars are lighter colors. This means that the positive momentum will be on the decline. Is this still going on? The trend in the short term, turn over, and the course of the next few days will fall.
The Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) shows that the price may be on a break-even point is. The RSI is an index between 0 and 100. The RSI is now at the top of the purple band. This means that the market price in a short period of time is very hard to increase. This means that there will be a fix is coming.

What are the expectations for the course of the next few days?

So what does this mean for the next few days? As usual, we will describe two scenarios to you: be positive (bullish) or negative (bearish). Every candle on the chart still remains, a day before, but we have zoomed in on the graph.

Bullish: In the run-up to the bitcoin block halving will remain in the stock price to rise. The dotted line on a 9.100, the $ 8.415 euros), which is the first layer of bitcoin will find. This then leads to the solid lines on the $ 10,000 (9.250 euro) in the image. If the bull flag, it’s there, I really want to keep the price at this time for $ 10,500 (9.720 euros)
Bearish: The blue line is still a solid foundation. As bitcoin is due to the line breaks, it is 8.600 usd (7.960 eur) to the first major support. This is the orange bar in the graph below.

However, we must not forget that the bitcoin block halving on the horizon! According to the most recent estimates, the halving take place on the 11th or on the 12th of may. At this time, we are on the chart, in the grey area.

Mixed signals, so to say … According to the bull flag may be in the course of the next few days and is still on the rise, but the MACD and the RSI are showing that a temporary top is also possible. What do you think about that, in the course of the next few days are going to be doing?

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