Bitcoin pays more than the gold

This year has been full of events, both inside and outside of the crypto world. Therefore, starting from large events such as the healthcare crisis, social and economic generated by the Coronavirus. Until events less universal, but also important as the Halving of Bitcoin. The world has been in continuing crisis this 2020. And in the midst of it all, Pompliano says that the Bitcoin is more efficient than Gold as the asset book value during the crisis, in our Tweet of the day.

Bitcoin to the head of the competition

It has been a difficult year for humanity. Plagued with an uncertainty of political, economic and social, that has strongly affected the development of the financial markets at a global level. Being witnesses of a collapse deep in the main stock exchanges of the world. As well as the start of a financial crisis, with risk of becoming a global economic depression. In this context, it is normal that the investors from all over the world, to seek assets that will serve as a refuge to the value of your capital, in front of the falling markets. Being the first in the list of these gold, precious metal sought traditionally in times difficult for the economy. However, lately, Bitcoin has emerged as a contender for the gold. Bitcoin pays more than gold And that is, the criptomoneda has managed to attract dozens of investors. Thanks to the peculiarities of its design, including the fact that it does not depend on any government in the world. As well as the scarcity of Bitcoin at the global level. Thanks to which, and as I remember, Pompliano, the Bitcoin pays more than the gold: “gold has gone up 12% so far this year and Bitcoin 25 per cent in the same period of time. Not I will endure your breath waiting for media to write articles that say ‘Bitcoin is proving to be the best asset of refuge in the economic crisis’. But even his silence can change the truth. ?“. With these figures, Pompliano show the performance of Bitcoin in the midst of the crisis of the Coronavirus has been more robust than gold. Despite the position of the precious metal as a safe haven of value favorite of investors. Restarting the debate about the quality of Bitcoin as a store of value.

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