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Today it is exactly ten years ago, when the now well-known to Laszlo Hanyecz for 10,000 bitcoin for two pizzas and counted down. At the time of the transaction, this seemed like a good idea to use the value of the pizzas was around $ 40. Unfortunately for Laszlo in the meantime a little less to laugh about. For the pizza, and the bitcoin is being held? Then he could today, as many as 90 million u.s. dollars (about 83,5 millions of euro) cash!
Despite the fact that Laszlo Hanyecz may not like to be reminded of that at this moment in time, you will see the bitcoin community as a memorable event. The transaction is meant to be the first step in the direction of accepting bitcoin as a payment method. To make this festive day for bitcoin (and pizza-lovers to celebrate the state’s may 22, since then it is known as Bitcoin Pizza Day!

The big hungry…

How did it exactly work?
On Tuesday, may 18, 2010, Laszlo is hungry, and he wanted to get two pizza’s to order. It was fun to get the pizza, paying with bitcoins, which he had recently purchased. Bitcoin was at that time not even a year and a half old, and is, therefore, an as-yet-unknown form of currency. So he asked on the forum BitcoinTalk, which we, of course, be familiar with the concept of bitcoin, who would be willing to make 10,000 bitcoins to pay for two pizzas at a time. A few days later (don’t worry, in the mean time, Laszlo had lunch) was the to the deal. A user with the name ‘Jercos’ wanted to be the 10,000 bitcoin, however, is to take on. He ordered the pizza from Papa John’s and ordered them on the 22nd of may, in the Laszlo home delivery. And that’s how it started: 22nd of may, from now on, Bitcoin Pizza Day.
In February 2018 and was Hanyecz, once again in the news, this time for pizza. He ordered them a pizza, only this time from the Lightning Network.

$ 90 million

A 10,000 Bitcoin for two pizzas and, of course, is a sum to think about. As has been said, that amount of bitcoin is now more than $ 90 million worth. As for the value of pizza over the years, becoming ever more absurd it is, has become, there is a twitter called Bitcoin Pizza is created that keeps track of how much of the pizza’s worth it.
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Are you wondering how to Hanyecz’s currently doing? He can live with the fact that he has $ 90 million in a quarter of an hour it has eaten?

Hunger in your life?

Laszlo paid a non-bitcoins to be the food he was about to, Jercos, and then pizza and ordered it with american dollars. Fortunately, the times are different. As of november 2013, at the you have food, pay for it with bitcoin. The site is also one of the first big parties, of which bitcoin is to accept it as a method of payment.

The today everywhere around the world together pizza to eat. Or yes, together… Due to corona, we’ll do it this year, just to be lonely and alone in the house ?

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