Bitcoin plunges into 8.600 dollars, the risk of trade war-America-and China-rising – Breaking News

The bitcoin price fell in the past 24 hours, with more than $ 600. At the beginning of the weekend, it seemed as though we have to be careful with $ 10,000 could think of, but for the price they did about it. The tensions between the united states and China to walk in, and the price has been reduced to 8.600 dollars.

Halving is coming

Yesterday, you changed your bitcoin is still by 9,200 dollars on hand, however, it is the market, if you don’t have the 9000 about dollar-cost support to be used. It Is the hype of the bitcoin halving it will not be big enough for you?

The halving will, in all likelihood, take place on the 12th of may, and will ensure that each and every day, but 900 of bitcoins to be created, instead of 1 800 bitcoins. The theory here is that if the rate of inflation is declining, and that a single bitcoin because of this, more and more valuable it is.
Traders believe that the cryptocurrency is becoming scarcer and hence more valuable to them. One popular model states that bitcoin is at the end of 2021, in a narrow bandwidth around a $ 100,000 to move.

Pompeo returns to China for the debt

But koersoptimisme is now a place for decreasing the price, that is, at least in the short term. You can never be 100% sure what the cause of it, but the timing of the drop, and a few of the statements by Mike Pompeo, the American secretary of state, agree.
On the Sunday, told Pompeo of the ABC to China in January, the medical supplies bought but the potential impact of the Covid-19 and the rest of the world to others.

“We will be able to confirm to you that the Chinese Communist Party did everything in order to make sure that the world did not know was what was going on,” said Pompeo.
The statements made by Pompeo seem to indicate that the effect of friction between the united states and China are on the rise. You can see that the exchange rate of the renminbi. The RMB fell by 0.3 per cent to 7,1561 per U.s. dollar, its lowest in 45 days.

Land for a new trade war

An economist from the ING bank, Robert Carnell, told the Financial Times that the decline is a signal for a new trade war between the united states and China.
“It is possible that the U.s. government has been encouraged to feel part of the handelsretoriek to restart it, all of the shares of the good weather to do that.”
The S&P 500 index has so far in the negative on the news and respond to it. The exchange rate has decreased for the second consecutive week, as the futures are also red.

Bitcoin could be carried away

On the downside the value of the S&P 500, the value of bitcoin even further into the bottom by dragging it. That’s what happened in the middle of march, even as bitcoin is the half of the value is lost. It remains to be determined whether the stock is again playing a major role in the bitcoinkoers, or that bitcoin is its own road, walks.
The generally accepted theory is that investors with large portfolios, consisting of stocks, precious metals, securities, and computer programs, and their bitcoins in march, and sold in order to compensate for losses in other areas.
Liz Ann Sonders, investeringsstrateeg of Charles Schwab & Co., said recently that the aadnelenmarkt consists of shares of zombiebedrijven. As the price increases, but there will be no profit made. “That is a so-called bubble of the corporate which is soon to be the S&P 500 would be able to play.”

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