Bitcoin PlusTokenScam to blame for the Dump? Stock sheets show the extent of

Who remembers last year, will have the history of the Bitcoin price is still very right in the head. The Kings was sleeping Coin at the beginning of last year, in the winter, burned up in the middle of the year, firework, only to then by 50% again to break in. Many traders have already expressed their opinion that this is a somewhat unusual pattern in comparison to the phases of the previous Halvings. Since then, many Crypto-Fans searching for explanations.

Bitcoin To and From 2019 – Why?

Again and again the opinions making the rounds that the Halving would have no influence on the course or already be priced in. But what has the long Downtrend in the Bitcoin of 2. Half of 2019, was really caused? A probable cause of the plus token Scam. This explanation is according to an analysis of the balance sheets of Crypto Exchanges increasingly likely.
We remember: exactly one year Ago we were still in the depths of Crypto-Winter. Bitcoin was at a price level of a few Hundred dollars over the 3,000$ mark. Then in April the rate jumped suddenly, within days after the above. What a stunning rally a la 2017 up to 14,000 US dollars to the middle of the year was followed.
But then disillusionment in the Crypto came back to Paradise. Bitcoin couldn’t put the rally first Fort, and, secondly, the price level will not hold. Instead, the Momentum turned, and there was a slow but safe down to minus 50%. At times, the price had fallen back to the area between 6,000$ and 7,000$.

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In search of explanations – plus a token Scam

Explanations for the rally to the top, there are many. The Facebook project Libra for more attention and more buyers could have. But what the crash in the 2. Half of the year is concerned, there is a lack of clarity.
A possible explanation is the plus token Scam in the year 2019. This took a huge extent. The 200,000 Bitcoin were in the meantime in the hands of the scammers. Measured at the 21 million Bitcoin in total, that is a significant proportion. The presumption is, therefore, that both the reason for the rally in the 1. Half of the year (scammers bought BTC) and the crash of the 2. Half of them (scammers selling BTC) in the plus token Scam were. We had already reported several times about the Scam, here, you can get more information about it.

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Bitcoin Wallet balances support the supposition

An analysis of the Wallet balances of the Crypto-exchanges now supports the Thesis of a causal relationship. The investigation of the “Ceteris Paribus” States that the on the Wallets of most Crypto-exchanges held the Bitcoin distinguish 10,000 to 40,000 pieces.
On Huobi, the exchange used the plus token scammers, for the most part, the Whole thing looks already differently. Huobi holds today, almost 200,000 Bitcoin more on their Wallets. This change is more striking manner, significantly more than the other exchanges.
As luck would have it, this change in the same order of magnitude as the result of the plus token Scam stolen BTC. A closer connection can be demonstrated to 100%. However, it is also very unlikely that it is a coincidence.
We can only hope for the future, only that the Bitcoin Space is another Scam in this size spare. Instead, the focus is now more on the Halving in may.

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