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Bitcoin registers a new bullish move

The bulls of Bitcoin have not been able to make a move strong above $9,000, having passed briefly level on Friday. After a Thursday undecided, the prices began to climb during the day. The criptomoneda higher by market capitalization moved a little less than $8,700 at 01:00 UTC to $9,009 around 10:00 UTC, the third attempt to break this morning. At the close of this year, prices had fallen again to $8,841, a gain of 1.05% in 24 hours. Most of the other cryptocurrencies have also experienced strong gains in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin currently accounts for approximately 66% of the total market, according to CoinMarketCap.

Association Libra form a steering committee for technical development

The Association of Libra, the government agency of the eponymous stablecoin introduced by Facebook in late 2019, has formed a new committee to guide the technical development of the network. According to an announcement on the 16th of January, the Association that Libra has voted to establish the Committee on Technical Direction of five members which includes leading experts from several companies in industries such as fintech and blockchain. The members are: the leader of the main product of Calibrate, George Cabrera III, the co-founder of Anchorage, Diogo Monica, the Union Square Ventures partner Nick Grossman, the CEO and founder of Bison Trails, Joe Lallouz, and the director of emerging technology at Mercy Corps, Ric Shreves. To oversee the technical aspects of the development of the network Pound, the committee shall direct the roadmap for the technical network Pound, will form working groups to prioritize avenues of research selected, guided the development of a code base, and, in general, will develop and will involve the community of development of a Pound.

Binance initiated strategic discussion with japanese companies

Binance, one of the main exchanges of cryptocurrencies at the global level, has begun discussions on a strategic partnership with two japanese companies. According to a press release on January 17, Binance has begun negotiations with Z Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Z Holdings previously known as Yahoo Japan and TaoTao, an exchange of cryptocurrencies with japanese driver. Until the moment have not been revealed the exact details of the partnership, but Binance said Z Corporation and TaoTao “will continue the discussions and deliberations with Binance and will begin preparation for the launch of commercial services for users in Japan”.

Tron will include privacy features based in Zcash

Tron (TRX) is configured to provide zero privacy, knowledge-based through the work of the team TRONZ. A ceremony of installation of confidence is set to be carried out soon, claims of Tron in a blog on January 17 input “set a new Guinness world record”. TRONZ is a privacy initiative that is configured to integrate the Zk-SNARK, the technology of privacy central Zcash (ZEC), in the chain of blocks Tron. Although the team claims that their implementation is the “protocol of privacy more efficient and consumes less resources of the world”, was not disclosed technical details. Built with the “advance of technology blockchain” in mind, the team TRONZ supposedly “developed and tested the protocol of privacy on the network Tron”. According to the publication, they publish a version of mainnet soon. The following two tabs change content below. Venezuelan, student of the last semester of Social Communication. Attracted by the new technologies and the development that they offer to humanity.

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