Bitcoin price breaks $ 10,000 (9129 eur) border price analysis

Bitcoin is back to $ 10,000 well worth it!! This psychological limit was made today at 04:25 pm is broken. The last time that a bitcoin is worth so much, it was on the 23rd of september, 2019.

What is the meaning of 10,000 dollars for a bitcoin?

You would have to say that $ 10,000 is significant for bitcoin, but actually, that is what we were looking for. The number in itself is not an arbitrary limit. However, every time when bitcoin is in a border-out, is simply that there is more demand than supply. The fact that more and more people are trading in bitcoin.
An advantage of the gain of a whole number, such as $ 10,000, that is, the mainstream media message about bitcoin. More attention, more investors and, if there are enough, then it may be FOMO (fear of missing something) have the upper hand. And then you can quickly go to the track.

10,000 by the start of stock price appreciation

This is the seventh time that bitcoin, the limit of the $ 10,000 breaks down. In fact, you’re already taking it to cluster into two time periods.
The first period began in november, 2017 and ending in april 2018. The second period was from June 2019 to september 2019. You can see in the chart below.

As bitcoin is, for the first time in the 10 000 limit break in the first period, it was all over, the whole world is just crazy. As for the Dutch national team, the champion of the universe, it was all about. There was plenty of FOMO exists on the part of investors, but as of that moment, and bought everybody with his pocket money and bitcoin. Within 17 days of increased bitcoin by 100% to $ 20,000.
But in the second period, stopped all bitcoin is not at 10,000. In the week following that, it grew in the price by 15%. We are now in the third of $ 10,000 time period considered.

An increasing number of users

Ever since the jewel in the crown of the bitcoin exchange rate at the end of 2017, if the price is going up and down. But at some point in the course, especially at the bottom moving up and down, a growing number of people that, for the first time came into contact with bitcoin is growing steadily.
The chart below shows how many wallets are created And that’s just from a single service provider. During the first of two 10,000-year periods, you see that the number of new users is growing faster than it normally would.
If you’re in the media, to believe, to everyone in the last few years, ready to go with bitcoin. However, these numbers don’t support that. There are now more than twice as many wallets in January of 2018!
The dates of the

So what’s the next step?

The big question is, what is the next step for bitcoin? We have some ideas. Each and every Tuesday’s and Friday’s we will make videos of where we are in the course to analyze and look into the future and take. Check out our latest share price analysis is shown below:

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