Bitcoin price over $ 10,000 USD

The long-awaited Bitcoin Halving is already 1.5 months ago, and until now the course the course is a Bitcoin admittedly not happen too much. While many have seen the just as before, just prevailed among newcomers in the Crypto area of the Halving around a great euphoria. This is likely to be subsided with an increase of 6% since the Halving again.

In the last few months, and a total in the year 2020, the magic five-digit limit to a Bitcoin price of $ 10,000 USD, just as a particularly difficult hurdle. Since the Halving of BTC is already failed twice at the Overcome of this brand. Many experts and traders agree that this psycho needs to be logically important limit to growth in the course sustainably exceeded. However, when the Bitcoin price will rise again over 10,000 USD?

Bitcoin price failed twice already

The Bitcoin price has since last Monday, the 22. June a couple of levels. He was quoted on Monday at just under 9700 USD, ranked on today’s Saturday only approximately 9.150 USD. It makes a deep Minus 550 USD in 5 days and lets hope for a quick rally after the Halving at 11. May continue to dwindle.

As mentioned, the brand is just a five-digit Bitcoin price of 10,000 USD is strong is crucial. But why? This limit has shown in the past weeks and months, again and again as a crucial resistance in the development of the price.

The Bitcoin price has tried since the Halving twice already to overcome this hurdle. The crash below the $ 10,000 came, however, just as quickly as the Pump is done via the brand.

The first Time was just a few days before the Halving, or more precisely, at 7. May, as the Bitcoin price scraping the said brand of 10,000 USD. The second Time the Bitcoin price crossed the Five are concerned, in a sort of Pump & Dump, in which the price shot up within half a day of 9,600 USD 10,200 to USD, only to decrease a few hours later then back to below 9,600 USD.

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When is the breakthrough?

As we have just worked out, is a Bitcoin exchange rate of us $ 10,000 for a sustainable rally that catapulted the BTC price may be again to its all-time high of 20,000 USD and more crucial. However, this is easier said than done, since the brand has already been acting several times as massive resistance in the last few weeks. When is the breakthrough?

When it comes to Matt Maley, Chief Market Strategy for Miller Tabak + Co, then the Momentum is crucial for the Bitcoin price:

I must admit that it surprised me that Bitcoin has not caused a lot lately, given the speculation that more Central banks with crypto-currencies in General to deal with. If it can rise in any significant way over 10,000 dollars, will it stand out in a moon shot. Momentum is an extremely important driving force in the market, so if Bitcoin is the Momentum, you can break out, it will fly.

The only question is, when the Bitcoin exchange rate, this Momentum can build again. This question can, however, only with a glass ball and a lot of luck answer. To all the skeptics it is now said, however, that in the past have shown two Halvings, that a few months of “lull” after the Halving to normal. So we can look forward to exciting next months and see if the BTC price will sooner or later exceed the mark of 10,000 USD.

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