Bitcoin price rally on USD 150,000, as from April? Trader sees before the Crash to come

The Bitcoin price has failed this week, just to try the magic mark of 10,000 USD to break through. The five-digit border, he broke through on Tuesday for a little more than half a day, then fell, however, in a quick Dump and is trading currently in the middle of 9,000 he Region currently 9.650 USD.

Also, if the hope is not gone on a permanent Bitcoin price of over 10,000 USD just in fulfilment, it is the opinion of one of the top Traders from the Crypto-range to long-term more than positive for the development of the BTC price. The Trader sees a long-term Bitcoin exchange rate of 150,000 USD in the next few years, but a new Crash before. This moon forecast, we want to devote ourselves to in today’s article and summarize you. A Lot Of Fun!

Bitcoin price breakout from the April 2021?

In the case of the Trader, whose forecast, we dedicate ourselves today, is “Dave the Wave”, the enjoys in the Crypto-field visibility. This is not least due to the fact that Dave the Wave has been the massive over 50% correction of mid to late last year correctly predicted, as all of the other called after the next Bullrun.

In a series of new Posts, there is the well-known Trader in his assessment of the further development of the Bitcoin price at the Best. We want to take in the Following. In short, he sees BTC at the moment within a symmetrical triangle that has formed by the all-time high of USD 20,000 in 2017 and the Low at just over 3,000 USD by the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019.

The Chart Formation of Dave the Wave also explains why the Bitcoin price, he has climbed this week, shortly after the $ 10,000 mark, again including, back in the triangle Formation fell.

For the next few months the Trader sees due to the Formation first of a possible crash of the Bitcoin price up to $ 6,500 until September. Since the two lines of the symmetrical triangle meet in April of next year, it is expected that the price would break out up there at the top of the Chart Formation and the next massive Bitcoin price rally would start. However, this can happen from a chart technical point of view, even earlier.

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BTC price to USD 150,000 up to 2023

For all who want a rally in the Bitcoin exchange rate earlier, it is now said that the Wait could be worth it, according to the forecast of Dave the Wave. In another, already no longer past the Post, the Trader will assume that the BTC price could reach up to 2023, from a peak of 150,000 USD.

Unlike many of the other Dave the Wave does not, however, that there will be a Hyperinflation in the next few months or years. Nevertheless, he sees the Stimulation of the Central banks and governments around the world as a driver for the Bitcoin exchange rate.

Many people think that the Hyperinflation, which is based on a simple theory of money, is the key that decrypts the secrets of the monetary universe. In fact, it is an ideology for lazy minds.

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