Bitcoin rate between Top and Flop

Once again the Bitcoin in these days, what’s in it. Actually, the volatility of the asset in the last period was on the decline, however, to be note returned. With the Flash Crash of the day before yesterday evening, BTC set a new record. The digital Gold lost in just one hour, between 900 and 1000 USD (depending on Exchange and source), what the 5. the largest Dollar pullback (in an hour) sealed. Currently, the Bitcoin exchange rate seems to have somewhat caught up and shows that it can be done differently. February is just around once a good 70% and so could be put in this month, a new Benchmark. BTC is only a few percent from the 2. the highest month-to-month closing course of history. What’s up with that?

Bitcoin exchange rate: the first Flop, then Top?

The Flash Crash of Tuesday night triggered some of the so called FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). Many of the summon now, the Use of a new downward trend up, similar to mid-2019, as the Momentum in the Bitcoin exchange rate reversed.
However, this need not be so. The Bitcoin exchange rate has caught up after the fall to 9.300 USD during the Flash Crash, and ranked at the time of writing, at just under 9,600 USD.

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BTC writes in the February story?

What many people forget is that in the battle of current events: according to what has shown the Bitcoin exchange rate in recent weeks, not missing much, in order to make the month of February is perfect. Because BTC should be able to the month above the mark of 10.760 USD to close, that would be the 2. the highest month-end price in the entire previous history of Bitcoin.
Since the beginning of the year, the Bitcoin price increased by a whopping 33%. Based on the current rate of 9,600 USD only” 1.160 USD, so the equivalent of approximately 12.1% in the absence, therefore,”. For that, BTC still has 9 days, which is not on the day the equivalent much. The Crypto-Asset that has demonstrated in the past a number of times that such gains are almost of the day possible.
Explanation: so that the 2 is not. the highest Bitcoin exchange rate overall, but the 2. the highest month-end price, so, of course, with BTC each month ended and the new crossing.
At the end of November 2017, a Bitcoin was trading under $ 10,000. In the next two and a half weeks, the Bitcoin price shot up almost two times in height, reaching 17. December, almost 20,000 USD. By the end of December, Bitcoin had fallen to less than $ 14,000. Thus, the two previously highest month reached the conclusion of the courses at the said price of under $ 14,000, and in the case of 10.760 USD what is the Bitcoin in mid-2019.

What comes after the Golden Cross for the Bitcoin exchange rate?

As already reported, has seen the exchange rate Recently, a so-called Golden Cross where the 50-day Moving Average broke out the 200-day Moving Average by.

As the Post-shows of the “crypto bull”, this is always a very positive sign. The last Time there was a Golden Cross, was on 24. April 2019 in the case of 5,400 USD. In the months after, the Bitcoin shot up a course for up to 14,000 USD in the tip. We can lean back relaxed and wait and see what will happen this Time.

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