‘Bitcoin rate of exchange on the 16th of november to about 16,000 dollars, an increase of 76 per cent as possible,” – Breaking News

Not even the best fortune-tellers, and analysts for their continuing insights and be able to be there again. A lot of bitcoin investors have had their hopes set on an anonymous Redditer that this year’s course is already well predicted.

Not in October, in each and every case

His (or her) a prediction was made that the bitcoin, in October, of 16,000 dollars, it would be. Unfortunately, these predictions do not matter, and bitcoin ended the month with a 9.100, the $ 8.160 million). That’s a difference of 75,8%.

And then, when bitcoin two weeks ago, with a rise of over 40%, is thought to be even with Edward Snowden that is about 16,000 dollars to was also a possibility, according to his tweet.

In China, blockchain and it’s 16,000 dollars

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, the chief executive officer of the Binance, I noticed recently that Bitcoin is soon to 16,000 dollars you can be. More specifically, he wrote that:
“Having fun, prijsvoorspellingen are a simple to. The problem is the timing. 16K is on the horizon. The 1.4 billion people who are working on it as we speak.”

The high-profile entrepreneur has looked to China, that’s just a blockchain technologies are adopted. A lot of analysts are expected to have a positive impact on the decentralized cryptocurrency and blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchain, it would just be the gateway drug bitcoin is and can be.
You would be the CZ is a true optimist could call it that, or statement attributed to the us-of-the-shower-duck-syndrome, but he’s not the only one that is about 16,000 dollars to have the opportunity.

Work with Bollinger

John Bollinger, the creator of the popular indicator is Bollinger bands are for nerds, and technical analysts suggests that there will be a huge rebound is possible. Trader BitcoinGuru expected according to Bollinger, is that bitcoin is, this year, higher than the 14,000 of the dollar may end up. He dares even to say that, about 16,000 u.s. dollars at the november 16, it is possible.
In this case the trader support that is on Tradingview. He said that the move by 2016, and as of 2019 at the latest, ultimately, very similar. It may take a couple of weeks before we see real action go to see, and the price will be according to the Bitcoin Guru, just move sideways. And as soon as the next bullrun and then, again, we’ll see, probably around 16,000 dollars at the top.
He says that if bitcoin is to the weekly support of 7,700 dollars and then you can drill to the trash can throw.

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