Bitcoin Reward Halving a praise: The situation on Wednesday

How sustainable are the recent price trends are and what is going on in the crypto sector.


Halving ensures momentum in the market

The Nice thing about the Blockchain is its transparency. From the data of the Bitcoin Blockchain from the mountains direct, resourceful, and market analysts increasingly complex models, the future price developments are to a more or less precise forecasts. On one of these models, we have yesterday, Tuesday, the 23. April, a look thrown. The speech is from the Stock-to-Flow model.

In short: In anticipation of a rate rise by the BTC Coinbase Reward Halving prices rise in the run-up. This could be a reason for the cyclical history of Boom-and-Bust phases of the crypto-currency no 1. The model for the Peak of the next cycle (after the Halving in may 2020) with a rate of 55,000 US dollars in views.

Easter Eggs on the Bitcoin Blockchain

And once again, the Blockchain. Just in time for Easter, we sent our readers, namely, on Easter-eggs-search. Finally, the Bitcoin Blockchain offers all sorts of ways to hide small messages in the log.

Some of the Easter Egg can make hardworking viewfinder really rich. Who, therefore, in a follow-up to Easter to go to, can here start.

The largest Bitcoin exchange in the world was launched on 23. April a own Blockchain. The speech is, of course, the Binance Chain. According to research by BTC-ECHO of the Trading can Start, however, is still something to wait on. Nevertheless, Binance DEX is the first serious decentralized Bitcoin exchange. It is now farewell to Ethereum, Hello Binance Chain?

Why the Ecosystem of decentralized Exchanges are needed, you can here read.

VW discovered the Blockchain

And then a classic among the Blockchain Use Cases is to report: VW wants to work with the Start-up mine spider incorporate the Blockchain into the Supply Chain Management. The automobile manufacturer wants to guarantee the sustainability of its supply chains.

China FUD no trace – Miner run on high tours

To throw last but not least, we have a look at the Bitcoin Hash Rate – a good indicator for the Status quo in the Bitcoin market. A glance Within the last ten years has increased tenfold, the Bitcoin Hash Rate. Bitcoin is here to stay; the network is as secure as in a long time.

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