Bitcoin Scam on YouTube The great lie of the Giveaways

What is happening currently on Youtube, is probably not hard to beat in audacity. The talk is of the big Bitcoin Scams, and the associated lies of the Giveaways. The Problem now however, not only Bitcoin – Ethereum, Ripple or any other crypto currencies regularly for the purposes of the Scammer abused. What, exactly, is behind the Bitcoin Scams, and the supposed Giveaways?

Binance CEO with great Bitcoin Giveaway – Really?

One or the other reader may know the following Situation: you open up Youtube and logged in with his existing Account. As Youtube behavior of our search, of course, well knows, it also knows what we like and what Videos we watch us. As a great enthusiast of crypto-currencies (and Bitcoin in Particular), we obtain therefore, regular proposals to exciting Videos, such as, for example, our current “block Monday”Video:

But not always, the Youtube algorithm meets our ‘Gusto’. Sometimes we also get bizarre suggestions. And exactly under this category, the current wave drops to Bitcoin Scams.
So, I had to wonder a few days ago, not bad as a supposed live stream with the title “Binance CEO Does Bitcoin Giveaway” was proposed. Stately 2000 Live viewers were on the Channel, the ‘was obvious’ to assign the Binance. Since I – despite glasses – ‘m not necessarily blind, I knew of course that with this title, someone is trying to make tidy cash.
My guess was also correct; as you saw in the video description, the Statement that Binance leads a great Giveaway by. You would have to pay only the Bitcoin to the address mentioned below (this was seen also as a QR Code in the Video) and would then receive from Binance a multiple of the Deposits. The more money of course you Deposit, the more you would receive back.

Ethereum, Ripple and many other crypto-currencies

The just mentioned scenario, but unfortunately, not only Bitcoin limit. So, the game will be pulled-to-date with many crypto-currencies à la ETH and XRP by. Then the talk of ‘Talks with Ethereum CEO’s Vitalik Buterin to Ethereum 2.0’, or Giveaways of ‘Ripple CEO, Brad garlinghouse is’.
Also, in our Community, a note came up recently in this regard. In the following example you described, though not a Bitcoin Scam, but just ‘Ethereum Giveaway’.

In view of the Abundance of Videos, which are broadcast in the Other even in different languages, there is a strong suspicion of an ‘organization’. It seems like these Videos were coordinated and well-organized. In this sense, we can only say: stay away from such Bitcoin Scams. To send a Coin to a Wallet, which you know, is NEVER a good idea. Remember that transactions on the Blockchain are unidirectional. There is no one, you guys can call to say that you “accidentally got sent to the wrong wallet address” in Bitcoin.
More to the topic of Scam, we can recognize him, and which mesh will be used, you can find also in our Scam Guide.
A large wave of Scams flooded currently Youtube. Whether it’s Bitcoin, ETH, or XRP. Everywhere the talk is of great Giveaways. Were you already proposed such Videos?
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