Bitcoin should be acquiring gold and stock ticker – Breaking News

One of the effects of an event such as the corona virus, that is, the differences between bitcoin, gold and the financial markets will be emphasized. Indeed, we think that bitcoin is completely apart from the traditional asset classes.

Bitcoin is compared to gold and stocks

The first and largest cryptocurrency, has an interesting relationship with the other assets. Bitcoin seems to be some negative correlation to the traditional stock market. During the most intense days of the trade war between the united states and China were down for the majority of the shares however rose bitcoin is exactly the opposite.
It is also interesting to look at the beginning of this year, when Iran and the US are at odds and lived, still remains, but it is apparently no longer newsworthy). Gold, and bitcoin continued to rise, while the share price has come down.
Now, there is a point in time for bitcoin has begun to show, as to what role the currency can play a role. The number of infections of the feline corona virus is growing, and there have been confirmed cases in the Netherlands, south africa, South Korea, Japan, Italy, the USA, and much more. With this, you’ll see it back in the stock market. The rates have been over the last few days, very hard, to decrease, even after the effort of the president’s Home for investors with the courage to speak out
Gold, on the other hand, rose on Monday to its highest price in seven years. Although the increase is now something to cool down shows the market is still a positive signal. And bitcoin? Who has lost this week, nearly a 1000 euro’s worth.

Bitcoin should be completely uncorrelated to his

At this stage, it seems like bitcoin is, you do not have to be able to prove it as a safe haven and is also known as digital the gold may or may not apply. However, there are analysts who exactly think that this is a good thing and that we are out of the equation, the most important is gold to steps, and the opinion of the author, we have gold, now the analogue bitcoins to call it).
Alex, He does believe that bitcoin needs to stand out from the crowd. If it wants to continue to grow, so should bitcoin not be correlated to stocks, or gold.

Interestingly enough, said the billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya, recently, something like that. He even went a step further by saying that the fact that bitcoin does not concern itself with gold, and stocks, just a positive one. According to Palihapitiya, must each and every investor is for this reason, bitcoin is, in his or her portfolio.

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