Bitcoin should be considered as insurance and not as investment: Trader Guru

Some analysts consider Bitcoin and precious metals now as an insurance policy and not as an investment.
Bitcoin could conquer the 6,500-Dollar mark, and a Four-day High after the U.S. had announced the Central Bank to take unprecedented measures to rescue banks and companies and at the same time, more credit.
The equity markets remain volatile and this has some cause to make Bitcoins role in all of the in question.

Bitcoin as an insurance policy

Chart guru and financial analyst Peter Brandt commented that assets should assets such as Gold and Bitcoin are viewed as disasters-insurance policies – and not as an investment.

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For Bitcoin, this seems to fit, since the Coin has made up for this month already more than half of its losses. Gold also had a good Start to the week with a 6%solution of Pump. Brandt points out that Gold has finally reached the inflation adjusted level of 40 years ago.
Even with the slump in Gold will be traded is still at highs not seen since 2013. It is used in these unfavorable times, so clearly as a safe haven.

Silver is not an Option

The same is not the case for silver, as Brandt noted. The precious metal fell back to a four-year low of about $13/oz, after falling in the previous month to 36%.
Silver is more widely used in the industry because as a store of value, which is why it is in the Wake of the global slowdown in economic activity collapsed.
It is very likely that silver is recovered, if the industrial activity is resumed. However, it was in the last five years, still relatively flat, while its big yellow brother since the end of 2018 in a bull market.

No profitability for Fiat

Conversely, Fiat currencies, there is currently no, or only a negative profitability, as Central banks endeavour to lower interest rates, to move the people to continue to borrow and spend.
This fiscal stimulus policy, which has started before the Virus outbreak, don’t stop probably, if the debt bubble grows, and the currencies of their Central banks continue to be devalued.
The investment and insurance policy against this, quantitative easing and the money madness would also include assets such as Gold and Bitcoin – the, achieve, seemingly as a response to both of this week’s gains.
Gold a Fan of Peter Schiff believes that it doesn’t matter how much money the Fed prints, as it would be practically worthless.

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Against this Background, both Bitcoin as well as Gold can serve as insurance against an inevitable global economic crisis.

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