Bitcoin shows the same pattern as in april 2019 at the latest, when the stock price at around 14,000 dollars went to BTC, Right

After a race that went one and one-half years, but down it went, changed on april 1, 2019 at the latest. Bitcoin was set up, and then mounted it within 24 hours, with up to 25% of the value.

Increase in prices seemed unlikely

If you already have one and a half years are used to that, the share price is falling, such a rise can hardly believe it. Many are doing this now as a green flame, which then, like a candle in the night you could go to.
In retrospect, it was very easy to talk to, of course, and that’s why we do it. The share price has increased after several months up to about 14,000 dollars. b.biddles is considered bitcoin since by the end of 2018 to meet the increase in the price and is recognized as a BARR bottom. You can see below.

BARR stands up for the bump-and-run reversal. This pattern is characterized by a number of trends in price:

to be on a downward trend, which will lead to a huge, vertical for sale
a dieptepatroon, where the prices are consolidating at the previously mentioned downward trend in
a rally is over and the downward trend line from point 1 to
a return to the trend line before a more significant increase in the soil have

The time traveller to see the time to come back

How far-fetched this pattern, but even with the recent price action of bitcoin seems to be the same pattern.
BTC is a Time Traveler, to see the pattern re-appear. Such a trader will see the same as b’s.biddles last year, ” A textbook of BARR bottom.’

In the graph, the time traveler shows the exchange rate of bitcoin, starting from the 7th of march until today. What you see is the same type as in april 2019 at the latest. Namely, in a downward trend, which will lead to a vertical crash, and the consolidation at the bottom, and a rally to get past that, the downward trend line , and a return to the trend line as support to to to use.
The previously-mentioned.b.biddles will confirm this also at the top of this article. He sees the same pattern reappearing. In addition, he observed that the macro-economic factors are not yet completely clear. In april, 2019 as the world is still enjoying the longest bull market ever.
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