Bitcoin: The Last Man Standing?

There are things you just can’t change. And this is exactly what both a Pre – as well as a disadvantage can be seen in the current Situation. Specifically, the trading on the stock market and the Trading of Bitcoin and crypto currencies in General. In light of the current economic Situation, we want to look at how realistic the scenario is that Bitcoin is in a few weeks, one of the few tradable Assets.You already know our newest Video for the Coronavirus. We want to use our reach to raise the awareness of each for the theme and how it is currently to the Virus.

The Shutdown of the U.S. stock markets come from?

Currently, there is a debate about a scenario, what would have been dubbed a few weeks ago, probably as unthinkable: the closing of the stock markets. We have experienced the last few days and weeks and see what it is, if the so-called ‘automatic circuit breaker’ comes to the fore. Behind this cumbersome term is nothing else than a kind of automatic brake is pulled, as soon as the stock market (S&P 500) drops by a certain percentage amount. The exact principle I explain in the Following:

As an automatic circuit breaker in the stock market works

There are per day of trading in three possible Circuit Breaker to stop trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Here, the first Circuit Breaker is triggered when the S&P 500 falls 7 percent compared to the closing price of the previous day. At the first interruption of the trading pause to 15 minutes. The Index falls further, to a total of 13%, the second 15-minute break is triggered. The second brake, however, is triggered only if the scenario takes place before 3.25 pm. The third and final Circuit Breaker is triggered for a loss of 20% and finished trading for the day. Already now, you may ask the question how realistic it would be, that trading is suspended in the case of Bitcoin, because BTC has fallen by 7 percentage points.It came in the last 2 weeks, four times already, to a disruption of trade. As a result, the trading on the New York stock exchange should be handled only electronically. The famous “Trading Floors” should not be initially involved.

Closure of the stock markets makes BTC to the Last Man Standing

If the entire Situation is deteriorating furthermore, we can even expect the scenario that the stock markets for a few days or even weeks to be fully closed to prevent any further damage.

In the Philippines, it came a few days ago to just such a scenario. Here’s the stock market for two days was exposed completely. The receipt for this, received all of the investors on the day of re-opening: that is how the market crashed by a further 13 per cent, after he had suffered prior to the closure of 24% losses.A Shutdown of the U.S. exchanges would be an absolute novelty in the modern era and would, in parallel, focus on the market of crypto-currencies and Bitcoin in the Spotlight at the catapult.Trade on the worlds leading Social Trading platform!Join the millions of people who have already discovered how it smarter to invest by copying the best investors in our Community, or be copied and as a result, a second income can be achieved. Start now!

Bitcoin and 24/7 trading: You can’t stop it!

Those who trade even with crypto-currencies, know well that the trading of Bitcoin and co. runs without a break: 24/7 and 365 days in a year. This is precisely a feature of the market, which makes it so unique. Now we have to state very clearly that such a constant availability of course both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go back a few days, as the Bitcoin exchange rate broke within 24 hours by a whopping 50 percent. On the stock exchange, the trade would have been exposed to this for a long time.On the other hand, it is a strength of Bitcoin and co. to always be tradable. Furthermore, it is not simply possible (or impossible) to trade completely. You may only imagine that Binance suspend trading of Bitcoin all of a sudden. Then there would be still many other ways to participate in the market.

Can benefit from Bitcoin, if BTC to the Last Man is Standing?

This constant availability combined with the scenario is that Bitcoin and all crypto currencies will suddenly become a ‘Last Man Standing’ can be, of course, is extremely interesting. It would be exciting to see how the Bitcoin price reacts when investors recognize Bitcoin as one of the last remaining Assets available for trade. Maybe we will be able to witness this live!62 % of private CFD accounts lose money. No EU investor protection.What do you think about such a scenario? — Would benefit from Bitcoin, or the location in such a Situation would be completely hopeless?Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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