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Bitcoin trade prior to the two-day meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee that begins on Tuesday, aimlessly.The crypto-currency tried during the night session on Monday, a price recovery towards the $ 10,000 back but fell due to profit-taking.Analysts expect the U.S. Central Bank will keep interest rates close to Zero and at the same time its open stimulus program will continue.This could contribute to the Bitcoin maintain its bullish trend in the long term, with a closing price of over $ 10,000 in June of 2020 is likely to be.

Bitcoin attempted a rally in the direction of a critical technical resistance levels near the $ 10,000, hours after the S&P 500 had made a bet on Monday all of his annual losses.

However, the upward movement of the crypto-currency ran out of breath, just before she reached 9.900$. Day traders took advantage of the surprising upward trend, to achieve short-term gains and let Bitcoin before midnight on Tuesday and up to $ 9.567 crash.

In the further course of the Intraday trading BTC recovered, tended, however, within a narrow sideways range flat.

BTCUSD trended sideways, because of the distortion of the conflict under the $ 10,000 grows | source: Coinbase

The Pump-and-Dump method of Bitcoin declined to a similar movement in the US equities. The benchmark index, the S&P 500 made a leap of 38,46 points, or 1.8 percent, to be for the year.

To was a date in March 2020, the Index was more than 30 percent below its historic maximum. Now it is 0.05 percent in the green.

Nevertheless, the S&P 500-linked Futures before the New York opening bell from saw on Tuesday, is stable. You indicated to open 0.16% below Zero and thus to achieve a erratic parity with the mood on the Bitcoin market.


Top analysts believe that the US stock rise due to a better-than-expected employment report and the re-opening of the economy to a pandemic-related foreclosure. In the meantime, the open economic policy of the Federal Reserve has also helped the shares, as well as Bitcoin, of their lows, were able to grow in the middle of March again.

SPX Performance since the crash in March 2020 to 40 percent | source:

But the reason why the S&P 500, and Bitcoin, on Tuesday Stalled, the two-day meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee that begins on Tuesday.

Investors are waiting for Fed Chairman Jerome Powell delivers on Wednesday his statement of principle – although some analysts assume that he will keep the stimulus program unchanged.

The Nomura Economist Lewis Alexander wrote in a note to investors:

“The Committee will focus likely to be on the successful implementation of its previously announced credit facilities, and the discussions about the longer-term prospects for the purchase of assets and the forecasts for the future”

Impact on Bitcoin

The Fed maintains its key interest rate between 0 and 0.25 percent, in order to foster lending in a recovering U.S. economy. In addition, it has launched an aggressive quantitative easing programme, which can be extended from its current upper limit of 7 trillion dollars and beyond.

Mr. Powell’s focus on the retention of this policy could devalue the U.S. Dollar, and investors allow it to continue to move in the risk markets. A part of this money could reach Bitcoin if investors are looking for better interest-bearing assets as a hedge against an overbought US stock market.

As a result, the crypto could learn currency small negative adjustments, when the S&P 500 corrected due to its erratic correlation is lower. However, a Hold on $8.600-$9,000 in Bitcoin, the$10,000-a likely resistance test again.

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