‘Bitcoin transactions are easier to detect than the fiat payments,” according to the report

A blockchain analyst firm, has published a report that shows transactions using bitcoin is easier to trace than that of FIAT money. That brings cryptocurrencies, in an interesting paradox is the following: while the anonymity of the cryptovaluta understand the criminal a way out, or appeared to be, it is also possible for the transactions to be identified.

Analysis of transactions

This is not to deny that there is any payment with FIAT money, an identity is associated with. This ID is used for different kinds of organizations, such as banks and payment providers. This information will be at a cost to be shared or transferred. You must provide details and, if you have a traditional bank account you want to open.
At the same time, the trackability of Bitcoin, an option that is in the digital financial world. A lot of people refer to Bitcoin as anonymous cash. The study also shows, however, that this does not necessarily have to be the case. Analyst firm Elliptic has published a research paper which shows how to use the different features of bitcoin transaction to be able to detect.

Each of the nodes 166 of the features. For the first 94 features to represent the local information about the transaction, including the time stamp, the number of inputs/outputs, costs, output volume, and the derived numbers, such as an average of the received (and spent) at the BTC. The remaining 72 of the features can be obtained from the information on the payment of a one-step in front of or behind this payment is to be reduced.

For the study, two-hundred thousand transactions will be viewed. This brought up the role of financial institutions, and the role it has in facilitating the illegal transactions. Furthermore, they would all look to the cost-effective advantage is that the blockchain has to be on the policy (AML).

Recognition of patterns

In this research, elements are the nodes of the network, that is strange behavior, were reviewed. Refer to these nodes as the nodes, and it is not as “miners,” or the like. If this is the nodes are all huddled and concentrated in presence of a number of transactions, and then draws this to the attention of the researchers in the field.
The following chart shows all the transactions for a certain period of time to see it. Because of this, there may be patterns and trends that can be seen if you use the timer to let it run. All the defective or non-approved transactions will be displayed in red.

Through this analysis, we can determine that a transaction in Bitcoin is easy to find and to detect. It is, of course, is also an open network. In a traditional transaction, are obliged to provide the data you apply to them (and to get off the couch to do this is to Bitcoin per se. There have been a lot of action around KYC and AML), but they are not required to be, in and of itself is a transaction in place. If you want to, you can, on voluntary basis, information on the bitcoin network.
Source: cryptopolitan
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