Bitcoin vs. Tesla – BTC failed, and looks up against Elon Musk’s alt

Normally, allegations of a price bubble and the Overvaluation of the asset are often targeted to Bitcoin. The digital Gold is, if at all, in the minds of many people for its volatility, and its every couple of years to be held in a parabolic growth phase is known. This Image was able to confirm BTC also in this January, as the price of the asset rose by about 30% in the height. But it seems to apply these days as a “conservative” growth. Bitcoin gets competition from a traditional Asset: the Tesla stock. This experienced in January and just last week, a real rush. Investors beat themselves formally to the share. From the Numbers, Tesla, Bitcoin has underperformed, despite its own remarkable growth, in January even. Bitcoin can pack it in now against Elon Musk as a possible best asset for 2020?

Tesla is beating Bitcoin in January

In the entire financial world, Tesla’s stock is these days everyone is talking about. And rightly so. The price of the share), according to in January alone (! by a whopping 55% increase and Bitcoin with a Plus of 30% slopes. A share in the company cost at the beginning of January, nearly 425 USD, investors need to pay now at the beginning of February as early as 650 USD.

On a whole year of investors is even rosier. The owner of a Tesla share, can look forward to in these days, according to on a return of an incredible 115% within a year.
But what is the Hype about the Tesla share, which reminds one almost of the Hype around Bitcoin to the year 2017 is? In short, the fact that the company is finally in the black, and the 2. Quarter in a row, profits writes. This was not so, because Tesla was so far as a young company is not really profitable. So in the year 2019 for the company as a whole under the sweater is a Minus. Nevertheless, fueled statements from Elon Musk that investors could, in the future, get used to company profits, continue the course.

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Tesla changed the world – Novogratz

A rational Investor might ask: How can it be that a company that just came in once in the black Numbers, and the 2. Quarter in a row of profit, so hot on the stock exchange will be traded? In a recent Interview with Bloomberg from the Crypto-scene, well-known CEO of the Crypto-Investment-company Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz has an answer:

There is a Tesla bubble. There is no doubt that it is a bubble. Blisters arise around things that change the world…

Novogratz brings it to the point. In all of the assets, expectations and not only pure facts are traded. This is probably also the explanation for the high volatility of Bitcoin, and the rapid rate of Tesla share price to increase. The Investor and CEO, announced a change in these “things of the world,” Bitcoin and Tesla in the same breath, but looks nevertheless, for the moment a decisive difference.

Bitcoin is now a real Asset

So Novogratz is see how in the above quote, convinced that there is currently a bubble in the price of Tesla stock. However, in the case of Bitcoin, the is, according to him, currently there are quite different. He sees a development in the case of BTC the way of irrational speculation to a real and recognised assets value:

Bitcoin had its bubble in ’17 and now it has become an asset. It is a weapon in the portfolio of people. It is a Version of Gold. We call it digital Gold, and we put anywhere in the System lines, so that more and more people can buy it, so that it can be much, much acted better.

In a direct comparison to Tesla Novogratz sees the current developments in the Bitcoin exchange rate is relatively sustainable. According to him, his expectations were met and BTC behaves, how he should behave:

He will not be traded, as if we were in a speculative bubble. He rises higher. He jumps a little, he recovered. I’m thrilled with the way he is traded this year. He would not have recovered during the time of Iran (voltages), I would have been nervous. But he did. I gain so trust in the Position of Bitcoin.

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