Bitcoin vs. the DAX – Which German firms could buy up BTC?

Today’s article entitled “Bitcoin vs. the DAX – Which German firms could buy up BTC?” should not be taken too seriously. Rather, it is to be understood as a little fun item. Today, we want to perform the thought Experiment and look at how Bitcoin is positioned in comparison to German companies.Of course, this is more of a comparison between Apples and pears. I think, however, that it might be interesting to see how the market capitalization of Bitcoin in comparison to the German companies.

Bitcoin and DAX – A round of Shopping

The relevance of a crypto-currency, is still used on the back common on the market capitalization. This measure is, however, – especially in the area of crypto-currencies – often criticised. Because, unlike a company, it is in the case of crypto-currencies to create significantly more difficult to review. So there is no business reports and sales figures, we can make the value of a crypto currency. Network data is used often as the only basis for evaluation.However, we want to be more fun because of the market capitalization of Bitcoin by large companies to compare. To put it differently: how much money is already in Bitcoin in comparison to (worldwide) well-known companies. In this sense, we will go on a shopping tour.You want to rising and falling share prices, and with a leverage of up to 125x act? Then Binance could be just the right address for you. The Bitcoin Future offer is in addition to the Altcoins becoming more and more popular. Binance is also one of the safest and most successful Bitcoin exchanges in the world. Now on Binance trade!

SAP, Linde and Siemens, the DAX 30 list

The most valuable German company is currently SAP. Its market capitalization is approximately 150 billion Euro. The current market capitalization of Bitcoin (20.11.2019) is 132 billion euros. Thus, Bitcoin is the most valuable German company can still the water.We would have made the comparison, however, three weeks ago, when BTC was still at $ 9,500, respectively, 8,500 euros, the picture would look different. Because at that time, the market capitalization of Bitcoin stood at 153 billion dollars, and SAP would have trumped.This is already impressive. The Dimension to Express something better, we take a basket of various German companies and see what companies we could choose to reach the same market capitalisation as that of the BTC capital.Basket 1: Daimler (53 billion) + BMW (47 billion) + Wirecard (14 bn) + Deutsche Bank (12 billion) + Lufthansa (8 billion)basket 1 shows us already, that we could buy a beautiful Abundance of German companies. We could give up the purse, otherwise, still:basket 2: Siemens (97 billion) + Munich re (36 billion)basket 3: Alliance (92 billion) + Vonovia (26 bn) + Merck (14 billion)If we take now the smallest companies of the DAX30 and these in ascending order were to buy, look at the basket would be.Basket 4: Covestro (8. Billion) + Lufthansa (8 billion) + MTU Aero Engines (13 billion) + HeidelbergCement (13 billion) + Deutsche Bank (14 billion) + Merck (14 bn) + Wirecard (14 bn) + RWE (16 billion) + E. ON (16 billion)is a German company, so as a reference you can’t make the statement that Bitcoin is almost as valuable as the largest German company, but there is a need for some large companies to come to the market capitalization of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin in America – poverty and more poverty

Now let’s take a look across the Atlantic and to compare Bitcoin with the “real” Global players – the talk is of the big Tech giants such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft. You take this as a reference, works, Bitcoin, in turn, quite small.So the big companies like Apple (1118, USD billion), Microsoft (1115, USD billion), Amazon (870 billion dollars) or Alphabet (846 billion USD) to trump Bitcoin significantly. However, Bitcoin can reach some of the major companies such as Goldman Sachs (77 billion USD), IBM (119 billion USD), or Nike (116 billion USD) in the water.The play’s the whole idea. I hope that you have enjoyed the little excursion of fun.Bitcoin vs. DAX30? – You would have thought that the market capitalization of BTC can compete with the many German companies?Come in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community. Subscribe to our News channel to not miss any News. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

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