Bitcoin, with better Performance than Gold? Head of Technical Analysis has a clear opinion

The prices of Gold and Bitcoin (BTC) to rise in these days by leaps and bounds. The precious metal reached an all-time high of over $1.950 per ounce, while its digital counterpart rose above $11,000 and to new all-time highs since 2019 is reached.

Ari Wald, head of technical analysis at Oppenheimer, says that investors may continue to hold your Gold, but Bitcoin, the traditional system is likely to outperform.

Bitcoin, with more room than Gold

He explains in the case of CNBCs Trading Nation, that Bitcoin have due to its price development is still more room for a recovery, while Gold have reached in this month, already has his maximum price. The forest is also of the opinion that BTC reverse begins the downward trend since his historic Bullrun in the year 2017 now.

Robert Kiyosaki shares the forest opinion to Bitcoin and Gold. As a reaction to the announcement of the Gold Investor, Dennis Gartman, he turns away from the precious metal, the “Rich Dad Poor Dad”author on Twitter, where he is currently investing his money:

The respected gold bull Dennis Gartman is a Gold out. (He Thinks), the price of gold has reached its peak. I agree with the. Silver is still $ 25 Oz. $50 next? The everyone can afford. If you have money, is Bitcoin on the rise. I have no more Gold and invest in silver and Bitcoin . What do you do? You have silver and Bitcoin?

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Peter Schiff predicted the crash of the US Dollar

Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, contradicts this theory is that Bitcoin is about to expire Gold rank and Gold has already reached its High. This is no wonder, because the ship is as a Bitcoin critic and Gold-advocates are known. Add to this, however, is that he predicts the demise of the USD. He writes on Twitter:

The US Dollar has just reached a record low. You need to now about $1.920 to buy a single ounce of #Gold. But this record will not hold long, because of the decline of the dollar has only just begun. He is about to plunge to new Depths and to tear down the American standard of living down with it.

Who keeps at the end of right, whether Gold or Bitcoin is a better Investment, remains to be seen. There is no doubt that Bitcoin has a one-year performance of nearly 62%, while Gold since the 2. January, approximately 28% in the Plus is. BTC and Gold should be able to both continue its upward trend, much speaks in favour of Bitcoin, the high volatility enabled historically better returns than all other asset classes.

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