Bitcoin’s logo features on a NASCAR race car for the Cash App

You will see bitcoin more and more places. Previously starred in the bitcoin logo on the shirt of a Premier League team Watford, and, more recently, in a NASCAR race car. Twitterbaas Jack Dorsey is the owner of the Cash in the App, and they sponsor a NASCAR driver, Darrel “Bubba” Wallace.

The tweet from Jack Dorsey, we can see that the bitcoinlogo can be found on the back of the car:

The only African-American NASCAR driver

The film, Wallace is well-known as the first and only African-American NASCAR race car driver. That acknowledges that he can Embrace it, accept it, and enjoy the ride.”

In the united states, the driver has recently been in the news, because, according to various media reports, the NASCAR, the Confederate flag was removed on the insistence of Paris.

The confederate flag was one of the three national flags of the United States of america. In the southern states of america and the flag is still sometimes heard, but the use of the flag has been controversial at the time. The reason is that various racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the flag as well.

In addition, it has the Lineage of the headline when he told me that he had a noose was found in the garage of his new team. That turned out to be a piece of string, to which a door may be opened. Both of these issues fell out with the president He going down the wrong way:

Bitcoin as a means of protest

What is it with bitcoin to do with it? Well, several cryptoliefhebbers to see the partnership in between Cash application and Ships it as a good thing. They’d like to see the course through this cooperation, can continue to rise.

According to the Reddit user, degentrader69 the bitcoin exchange rate at the end of the week to us $ 100,000 through this partnership, it (or he’s serious, we can’t tell). Tweeter, Main Street Investor, is more favourable, according to them, the tweets from the Home to properly care for the catalyst, allowing people to have more of bitcoin is going to buy it. That is, the price can bubble up to $ 20,000.

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