Bitcoins mysterious “Scam”Pump generates a trail of destruction and liquidation of $ 50 million

After a small rally yesterday, the Bitcoin bulls gave up a few hours ago on the Gas and drove the Benchmark crypto-currency in a ultimately just a fleeting movement on a High of 7,300 dollars.
The rejection of this levels has led BTC to the top of 6,000-Dollar-Region return, at the same time, the movement led to a considerable amount of open positions was liquidated at the crypto Trading platform BitMEX.
It also led to the creation of what analysts describe as an “ugly” 4-hour candle because it suggests that the medium-term Outlook could be bleak.

Bitcoin fakes, moves fleetingly to $7.300

The last hours were for Bitcoin is very volatile: The crypto-currency is racing to a High of 7,300 dollars, then in a downward trend, which has brought them to their current price of 6,750 USD.
This movement led to an apparently very bearish Four-hour candle, where the rejection of these highs is a sign that the buyers of crypto-currency are still weak.
The prominent crypto-Analyst Josh Rager explained that a Daily close below $6.800 could be a bad sign for bitcoin in the medium term Trend, as it opens may doors to a significantly broader downward trend.

“The BTC 4 hour candle at the Moment is ugly. A close below 6800 would be nice – would like to see that in December of last year, achieved a margin of more than 6,900 dollars recovered and held. The price has fallen, and the 6.700 Dollar has tapped into support, we will see whether the price from here you can press to the top of the end-of-day is still hours away.“

You should keep in mind that Bitcoin is still traded in from a day low of about $6.200 upward. This means that BTC might still be in the position to conclude a neutral or slightly bullish daily candle – if buyers support it in order to the current price level around.

Turbulence lead to hourly liquidations in the amount of $50 million

A by-product of today’s volatility, a significant number of position resolutions was on the popular crypto-Trading platform BitMEX.
According to the data of the research and analysis platform Skew the hourly liquidations for the time, in this volatile Pump was $7.300 and the subsequent recirculation amount to a total of almost $50 million.
This means a massive increase compared to the hourly average of the last few days, which is currently at 1.9 million dollars.
If the current volatility in the coming days to normality, it is likely that this average has seen a remarkable increase.
Bitcoin, currently at # 1 on the market capitalisation, has risen in the last 24 hours to 4,49%. BTC has a market capitalization of 127,49 billion dollars in a 24-hours-a volume of 48,34 billion dollars

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