Bitfinex launches a platform for the exchange of social based on its own network

In a recent publication on Twitter, the crypto-exchange Bitfinex operated by iFInex Inc has announced the launch of Pulse, a social network designed for users of the platform. Like the majority of other crypto-exchanges focusing on the potential of social interactions, Pulse allows eligible customers to share information, in addition to enjoying a better quality of content.

Exchange high-quality information

The idea of integrating a platform for the exchange of social within an ecosystem dedicated to digital assets is not new, but Pulse will nevertheless be different through its high quality content. Such are the statements issued by the CEO of Bitfinex, announcing the launch of the new device on Tweeter.
Among other things, Bitfinex this Pulse as a platform adapted to the needs of the merchants (traders) through “pulse” which will be published in public or in private according to their choices. Thus, the users will have the opportunity to write, share, and love others “pulses” translated by data on the general market of crypto-currencies.

A better turnout from 2020

The project Pulse was motivated by the finding of a significant growth of activities at the level of the platform stock market since the beginning of the year. As explained Ardoino, the number of users has increased by 20%, with an interest more pronounced for Bitfinex these last few months.
In this perspective, the opening of a channel for the exchange more personal and expanded between different clients of Bitfinex seems obvious. Like its main competitors , the company therefore jumped at the opportunity to incorporate in turn the components of social networks as a sign of its evolution towards solutions that are more in vogue.
What do you think of Pulse, and the integration of social networks in the crypto-exchanges ? Give your opinion in the comments section.
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