Bitfinex, Tether and iFinex are pursued in a case of market manipulation

13 January 2020 by Clementine

Eric Young and Adam Kurtz have recently filed a complaint against Bitfinex, as well as Tether and iFinex to have manipulated the market of Bitcoin. The case was submitted to the justice of the court of New York.

Swelling of the price of Bitcoin

In the framework of a trial revised, Bitfinex, Tether and iFinex have been brought to justice by complainants citing the fraudulent practices of these companies to manipulate the crypto-market.
The applicants, Eric Young and Adam Kurtz, followed by David Crystal, based their grievances on a monopoly and a conspiracy that would have enabled the defendants to increase the price of the BTC from an injection of stablecoins non-compliant (the USDT to Tether).

“The print non-sustained USD by the defendants has inflated artificially the price of Bitcoin, which enabled the defendants to generate profits, supra-competitive traders (editor’s note: traders of Bitcoin,” announced the trial revised 97 pages.

The defendants deny the charges in the block

For their part, Bitfinex has refuted all of the complaints set out by the applicants. In the present case, these last describe this attempt as an act “without merit and mercenary” before you qualify a case as being without merit.
On the other hand, they have raised that the delivery of the legal action from the State of Washington to the southern district of New York did not change anything.

“That this complaint be filed in the State of Washington or in the southern district of New York, it remains entirely without merit and will be resolved in a timely manner “.

What do you think of this complaint regarding the manipulation of the market for Bitfinex, Tether and iFinex ? Do you think that sanctions could be assigned to these businesses ? Give your opinion in the comments section.
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