Bitlaia: a platform of investment 100% automatic

Key facts:

Users experienced in Forex you can buy a robot personal and install it on your computer.

Investments and withdrawals may be made only with cryptocurrencies, but is traded in dollars.

Bitlaia offers a platform of investment automatic with yields very conservative and audited accounts in Forex. Allows you to obtain a fixed profit of 3% monthly or 36% annual in dollars, without having to be an expert in finance.

In record time, this new investment proposal, which can also be used by small savers and investors, transformed into a valid alternative that does not stop growing.

Until recently, the possibility of diversifying the portfolio of investments for small savers was impossible and was reserved exclusively to large firms or people.

Today, thanks to technology, platforms such as Bitlaia allow you to invest from $ 100 and generate returns automatic 3% monthly without commissions.

Bitlaia is a platform of easy-to-use and yields insured

It is a service of online investment 100% automatic and invest your funds in Forex with robots-automatic and the audit on the platform, MYFXBOOK, to provide you with a better experience and transparency to its clients, minimizing risks.

BItlaia believes in the financial autonomy within the reach of all. How? Providing investors with a simple entry to the world of online investment, limiting the potential financial risks and a reasonable return in a short period of time, depending on market conditions.

The platform has a section for receiving comments and suggestions from the community. There, users can suggest investment projects for which the team of specialists to be able to select, fund and/or sponsor.

What are the requirements to invest in BITLAIA?

To have an account in BITLAIA it is very easy to activate it does not take more than 5 minutes.

It is practical, comfortable, intuitive and is 100% adapted to mobile devices. In addition, it works in all countries.

Investments and withdrawals may be made only with cryptocurrencies, but within Bitlaia the money is reflected in dollars.

To join Bitlaia, there is only register through a simple web form and start investing!

What about advanced users? Bitlaia offers bots personal

The company also offers a unique product focused on more advanced users, the Bitlaia personal bot Forex. Users experienced in Forex you can buy a robot personal and install it on your computer, link it to your broker favorite and administer it to your liking.

This product not only gives freedom to the user to control the returns generated, but also offers a high probability of exceeding the profits they could get within in the platform.

A trading robot is a unique tool as it operates 24 hours a day. It also allows you to use multiple algorithms, and an optimal strategy to find the best opportunities to enter and exit the market, something that is very difficult for a human so quickly and without exhausting.

Based on complex algorithms, the robot closes multiple operations with a very high percentage of success. Leaving a constant trickle of benefits.

This robot has a lifetime license and the company offers a specialized support, sections of backtests, help, downloads, presets and audited accounts of users who already used the product. In addition, the robot can be installed on a computer VPS with Windows and then be viewed from any mobile device with Android operating system or iOS.

Do you want to know more?

To learn more about the company can visit its official website or its social networks:

Telegram: t.I/Bitlaia

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