Bitmain picks up two new Bitcoin ASIC miners

Mining giant Bitmain comes out with two new models of their Antminers to run faster and more efficiently bitcoin to mine. According to a blog post, the company is one of the Antminers S17e is the fastest piece of hardware to date.
In order to do so, in the world of bitcoin mining, you have to innovate all the time. The network is stronger and more powerful than ever, with 94 billion (!) hashes-per-second. Do you want a structural chance of winning the block reward and the transaction fees? Then you have the rest of the network and trump.


The S17e has a hashrate of 64 terahertz (TH) / second and a power efficiency of 45 joules per THERM. As a comparison, the current fastest Antminer has to do with the 53 TH/s and have the same power efficiency.
There is also a budgetoptie has been added: the T17e. You can use this to 53 TH/s delivered is 45 joules per THERM.

“Both of these models are made to be used on a long-term, stable, long-term maintenance costs.”

With the help of a dual-tube technique, that is, the heat and better handling, which makes the hardware, the better the performance. According to Bitmain, the new miners are also “more secure” by the software provided that the attacks need to be prevented.
Interested persons may, to the 11th of september to place an order. The goal is to have the hardware be shipped to the buyer. Will you be placing your order late? Then you get a day and a person waiting to be utilized. The compensation is based on the


The Chinese Bitmain has a turbulent existence. The Chinese manufacturer has made a number of wrong choices were made. It used to be the beating the party is in the mining industry.
The company is capable of very fast ASIC miners to build it up. But somewhere it all went wrong…
So, the directors have, among other things, for the to with bitcoin is to cash in, instead of a single bitcoin. That is, the company has not done well, have a look at the share price of both currencies and can confirm that.
But Bitmain is not just the winner. Due to the rise in the price of bitcoin this year, we will try to use the stock market to go up.
With the new hardware, and that may be the money of the investors, the company will continue to exist.

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