Bitso enables its users to buy DAI using mexican pesos

Bitso, the house of the change of cryptocurrencies Mexico’s largest, recently opened the trade of the criptomoneda DAI, allowing users to Mexico buy with mexican pesos.On the 30th of march Bitso announced on their official blog that starting at 11 am of march 31, DAI, criptomoneda created through the system DAI stablecoin of the platform Marker, would be available on their platform. The criptomoneda may only be traded with limit orders and stop limit for the moment. In the next few days DAI may be traded through market orders and stop-loss. The orders Stop limit and Stop-loss, are ways, or strategies, that exchange houses offer the users to acquire their assets.The pairs exchange rate BTC/DAI and DAI/MXN will be available on the platform from Friday, April 3 at 11 am. The purchase of DAI through the mexican peso will only be available to users residing in Mexico. Users of Bitso located in Argentina, you may only buy the criptomoneda through the parity BTC/DAI.

The number of stablecoins in Bitso increases

In the history of Bitso, this would be the second stablecoin added to their market after the addition of the TrueUSD. TrueUSD (TUSD) is one of the stablecoin that allows, through CRED, to pay interest on their tenancy to users. In addition, one of the functionalities of the TUSD is that there is the possibility to freeze the accounts of individuals who arrive to commit fraudulent acts.In a scheme published in the blog of Bitso, it can be seen how it will handle the commissions for exchanges between BTC/DAI. While greater amounts of DAI contracts traded, the lower will be the percentage discount reflected in the transaction fees.DAI is used in various service finance decentralized (DeFi). Images for and Moose Photos / pexels.comLa nature of DAI allows you to respond to the movements of the market and thus maintain its value against major currencies of the world. As with the majority of stablecoins in the blockchain of Ethereum can be found in any sort of public contracts smart that support the value of the criptomoneda.This criptomoneda allows you to have access to financial products decentralized, better known as a DeFi, for its acronym in English.DAI comes from the platform Maker, which is run by the Foundation Maker (MakerDAO). In recent ads, MakerDao has demonstrated that its efforts are now focused on providing greater community participation to achieve the decentralization of the governance of the network Maker.

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