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Blockchain could combat the Coronavirus

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New technologies are becoming powerful tools for humanity to be able to overcome the obstacles that are presented to him. And one of the problems that the more havoc it is causing now is the COVID-19. So in this article we will explain how we are using the technology Blockchain to combat the Coronavirus.

Technology Blockchain in the health sector

The chain of blocks you can change the way in which doctors access to patient data. The overall vision is to create a common database of medical information, to the physicians and providers to access. Regardless of the electronic system used, providing greater security and privacy. A decentralized system would mean less administration time. So it would have more time to devote to the care of the patient, and even better share the results of the research.

Technology Blockchain against the Coronavirus

Blockchain could help to combat the Coronavirus, pandemic has caused the collapse of the health system in different countries and the crippling of the world economy. At the time of writing, the confirmed cases stood at over 820,000 infected, and about 40,000 deaths in all over the world. For this reason, it is believed that the technology Blockchain could help to simplify many tasks in the health sector, generating better results. The case of the supply chain is a central point where Blockchain might work.

The supply chain and Blockchain

The management of the supply chain is very important in the pharmaceutical sector. With the traceability of medicines and knowing all the information from the source to the distribution point, you can have greater control and management of the production. This way, you can register any change or incident that may affect the manufacture of the product. It can also be used to improve the production efficiency and control in its management. This to the connect systems business and automation, integrating the production processes, coordinating machinery and equipment, applications and staff based on objectives of manufacturing. In short, we could improve the care of patients, would require health organizations to better managed, reducing costs in hospitals, it would be an absolute traceability of medical devices and drugs, and could create networks to improve the research of diseases. Hospitals facing shortages need to expand its supply chain rapidly. Blockchain allows companies to share data without fear of it falling into the wrong hands.

The great unite to fight the COVID-19

In these moments of crisis in global health due to the Coronavirus, any aid to keep afloat in the different sectors affected is more than welcome. IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and the World Health Organization (WHO) are among the collaborators in a center of open data that will use the technology Blockchain to verify the veracity of the data associated with the pandemic. The solution, called MiPasa, is launching as a information highway COVID-19. It is expected that MiPasa, will evolve as we add a range of data analysis tools, followed by test data and other information to help with the accurate detection of the critical points of infection with COVID-19. For its part, in the Netherlands, more than 10 technology companies Blockchain will provide their service free of charge to the government of the country to fight against the advance of the COVID-19.

Blockchain solution

The COVID-19 has caused the first major crisis in global health in the TWENTY-first century, causing real havoc in the economy and in society. The pandemic of Coronavirus, the result of globalization, it is also its main threat. Its ability to spread exponentially means death and destruction, without consideration for borders, races, religions or social statuses. For this reason, it is time to reflect on the opportunity of the new global supply chains, to weave based on the chain of blocks. And, in particular, how technology Blockchain is helping to combat the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus has demonstrated the vulnerability that represents having multiple providers in a single location or a single vendor. Therefore, we must focus on solutions that can provide Blockchain in situations of crisis like the current one. Since this technology can be key to the future management of supply chains. Although the chain of blocks is still in the maturing phase, currently brings greater benefits is in cases where the complexity is greater. Also where there is a strong degree of mistrust between the different actors involved in the processes of integral logistics, as has been demonstrated by the crisis of the COVID-19.

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