Blockchain could revolutionize the management of staff

Many know the blockchain thanks to the great boom of the cryptocurrencies; however, it is a technology that is revolutionizing many industries, such is the case of the management staff. Thousands of companies today are dabbling in the application and development of technology blockchain in order to increase productivity in various areas. Implementing this technology in the management of Human Resources, you will be able to increase administrative efficiency, to store information in a way unwavering, and to get accurate profile for a specific vacancy instantly.

Information in the cloud completely unbreakable

The companies are responsible for managing staff have in their hands an immense amount of sensitive information; and that usually ends up being stored in the cloud, causing a problem of vulnerability to such data. With the implementation of the blockchain, it would be practically invulnerable; because the verification of authenticity to be submitted by the source, whether it is educational institution, former employer, among others.

Resumes access digital automatic and 100% authentic

Likewise, it could be used to develop professional profiles are verified, which may be accessed by the companies immediately; eliminating the tedious process of verification of credentials, work history, references, history, salary, certifications, etc., increasing the efficiency exponentially, and saving candidates to provide background information, which in some cases is unnecessary.

New features could be used for the selection of staff thanks to the Blockchain

With the implementation of the technology blockchain in the industry of management of staff, you could analyze new features of the candidates; incorporating requirements of cognitive ability, personality traits, habits, behaviors. Thanks to the advancement of technology it is possible to enlarge the data base of a candidate, and thus to facilitate its selection for a specific vacancy. Even if they seem exaggerated these measures are already being applied in many cases to the selection and monitoring of staff. Thanks to the daily use of powerful mobile phones, now the employers can track their employees to determine where, when and with who they are with, with the purpose of verifying their efficiency in the work.

Technology Blockchain will be present in the vast majority of industries in the near future

Since its inception, the application of this new technology has been integrated into many industries to improve in some aspect; whether it be in education, food industry, medical care, and even the government has benefited from this innovative technology has come to stay. Thanks to a survey focused on the blockchain held in 2019, will be able to know that 77% of companies believe that they will lose benefit if they do not adapt to this technology, while 40% of them are willing to invest $ 5 million in the implementation of blockchain in their companies in the next 12 months, if it generates a competitive advantage. It is important to note that despite all of this wide acceptance, this technology is in its early stages, so that the true general adoption may be quite far from the present. The vast majority of these intentions and applications of the blockchain in different industries, they are just in a theoretical stage. The following two tabs change content below. Creative editor and trader of cryptocurrencies, currencies, fiat, and commodities.

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