Blockstream reports an error rate result of the miners Bitmain S17/T17

The head of the division scientific research Blockstream, Samson Mow, has pointed to the problems of the failure of the machines minages of Bitmain, namely, the S17 and the T17. Following the announcement of the CSO, the failure rate of these machines is estimated to be between 20% and 30%, which is considerably higher than the estimate of the manufacturer and of users.

A margin of error above the average

The two machines S17 and T17 are recently been the subject of complaints from users, indicating a problem of heating and counter-performance. According to the information reported on social networks by the CSO of Blockstream, the origin of the problem is due to a failure at the level of the fans.
In depth, these users have found a failure rate of 20% to 30% as a result of this impairment technique, a gap well above the acceptable average which is set at 5%. In addition, Mow has also indicated the presence of short-circuits caused by these widespread blackouts.

Bitmain be notified prior to the reduction by half

The revelations of Samson Mow, supported by other executives of the web analytics platform Blockchain put Bitmain in an uncomfortable situation. Indeed, the failure falls at the worst possible time, because the protocol Bitcoin is preparing to make his next halving, which is dividing half of the rewards of minages.
If the S19 Antminer Pro update promises to take the road at the time of the new protocol of Bitcoin, its shipping delayed up to the half of the month of may risk of making place for the competition. Moreover, his rival, live MicroBT has announced the launch of new models of tools, blasting performance and economic MS30S++, which posted a performance of 112 TH/s.
What do you think of these error reports announced by Blockstream on minors S17/T17 of Bitmain ? Give your opinion in the comments section.
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