Boom! Bitcoin cracks $9,000 to a Precise Trader sees a development in the direction of $30,000 of

The weekends are usually a little quieter in Bitcoin Trading, but a few hours ago the Bitcoin has broken through price resistance at $9,000 and a new high for the year achieved.
BTC has spent the better part of the last day in order to consolidate in the high $8k range and a Momentum for a strong Push over $9,000 to build. This step came a few hours ago, as the digital assets climbed to all-time high of $No. 9.180.

What happens next?

It is the first Time that the Bitcoin price since the beginning of November, according to the China driven Blockchain-FOMO-increasing message of $9,000. Things have moved on since the geopolitical upturn at the beginning of this month, fast and there were only ten days between the crossing of 8.000 $-brand and the current demolition of the 9,000 $-Region.
A five-digit Bitcoin price could soon be back in the game.
Up to now, BTC has won this year’s $2,000, which corresponds to a gain of almost 30% in less than three weeks. Two of the most well-known Trader had published yesterday just before the “outbreaks” will each have a bullish forecast via Twitter. The Trader filâ‚¿filâ‚¿ yesterday released a Chart that suggests that the Bitcoin rate will rise towards the resistance at $9.550.

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A few hours ago as he retained and Bitcoin rose, finally, of $9,000, he published again a Chart with its forecast of 30.October 2019, and how the Bitcoin exchange rate is developing in comparison to this prediction. The Trader believed a Bitcoin price of about $30,000 in the year 2020 and made via Twitter with the statement that the course developed is currently better than he has suggested in his Chart-model, which could mean that the $30,000 to the Region in the year 2020 is only the beginning.

The Bitcoin has now exceeded the 200-day moving average, which is massively bullish, ends. The fabled Golden cross on the daily time frame could result before the end of this month, if the Momentum continues. On the Four-hour Chart, it is already occurred a few weeks ago.
The last Golden cross on the daily Chart with the moving averages 50 and 200 in mid-April 2019 appeared at $4.500. I think I need to remind anyone, what followed next in the course (as a reminder: $14,000 in July). Analysts are largely bullish, as confirmed by TA, that the upward trend has indeed begun. The popular Chartist “dave the wave” observed in the recovery, as the price of the 0,610 Fib Retracement approached Level.

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How does it look in the Altcoin market?

The total market capitalization has now reached $ 250 billion, the highest level since the beginning of November. The Altcoins are generally mixed, but many today are pulled along by her big brother.
Ethereum has brought it to about $175, which means 3% that day, and even XRP has exceeded the market capitalization of $10 billion and reached $0,246. Stellar started a good day with a 6% increase, which allows XML to carry Tron to the last place of the Top Ten.
It seems almost as if that one should take advantage of the opportunity to buy Bitcoin before the price rocket launches.

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