Boost for Bitcoin: Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed, why Bitcoin is compared to Gold advantage

Recently, the crypto was able to inform the watch Community in awe, as the Winklevoss twins, with Dave Portnoy met, the founder of Barstool Sports to him about Bitcoin to.

There were many funny (and embarrassing) moments during the brief meeting but one that stood out particularly was when the twins told him, that the scarcity of Gold is an Illusion, because in the near future it is possible that “Elon Musk asteroid mine” and Gold mining.

Although Dave and many commentators on Twitter about the joking, not-fetched this possibility may not be so far, as it seems.

Elon Musk himself has confirmed this Morning it has been even in a Tweet to Portnoy.


Winklevoss Twins Dave Portnoy convince to buy Bitcoin

During a brief Rendezvous with the Winklevoss Twins – early Bitcoin users, and co-founder of the Gemini stock exchange – was acquired by the founder of Barstool Sports (widely known as El Presidente) is his first Bitcoin-delivery.

Overall, he is to have BTC at a value of $ 200,000 for Gemini, as well as Chainlink in the value of 50,000 dollars bought.

In a later Tweet he said, however, that he is “invested a 7-digit” in Bitcoin – suggesting that he has either purchased then even more, or plans to.

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Winklevoss twins: The scarcity of Gold is an Illusion due to the “asteroid mining”

While the twins about the importance of the possession of Hard Assets of the languages are underpinned by a shortage, you Portnoy opposite, why is BTC in comparison to Gold is a superior safe haven.

Their argument focused on a somewhat abstract concept of asteroid mining, where they found that one day, in theory, Elon Musk or others could reduce the immense amount of Gold that currently exists within the asteroid.

“On this planet, billions of dollars are floating to the Gold in the asteroids, and Elon will begin to rise with gun violence up there, and with the gold mining… which is Why Gold is a Problem, because the offer is not fixed as in the case of Bitcoin.”

Portnoy thought this was a joke, and the twins asked multiple times whether this was “a real statement”.

Following the Meeting, tweeted Portnoy in the direction of Elon Musk and asked the SpaceX-founder to his thoughts for the explanation.

Musk responded with one word: “Psyche”, while the article about the search of the NASA referred to a Fox News-according to a gold-rich asteroid that “could make everyone on earth a billionaire”.

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It seems that he has made Portnoy still bullisher on Bitcoin, because 20 minutes later he called in a post that the price of Bitcoin should rise to $ 12,000.

Whether this widespread Publicity drives up the price of the Benchmark crypto-currency in the amount, remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it is certainly, more people than before BTC to suspend.

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