Brave Browser Hype? – The Apple Store loves Brave and ASKED

On 08.12.2019, so almost exactly a month ago, we have already reported about a new milestone in the history of the Brave Browser. This was gained within three weeks of the 1.7 million new Users and therefore the mark of 10 million monthly users cracked. Now, a month later, it seems the Hype to pay homage to the Brave Browser as real. Because in the world-famous Apple Store, Brave is proposed as a New App we love’.
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Brave Browser receives the reach of the App Stores

We start with the Numbers from the past month. Brave is ever increasing in popularity. The Brave Browser was able to celebrate in December, the milestone of 10 million monthly active users – the strong focus on privacy seems to encounter well-many of the users on popular.
Also if we look at the growth over the past year, we see a healthy, solid and constant growth: the monthly number of users has doubled and the number of people who use the Brave Browser daily, has eight to 3.3 million, tripled. Also the number of people actively contribute to Brave, by acting as ‘Verified Creator’, has verzwölffacht through 2019 period (!).

So, we can say quite clearly that Brave is an ever-expanding user base. Nevertheless, there are a number of milestones in terms of the number of users to Brave with established browsers such as Chrome or Firefox can compete.

Apple’s App Store brings the Browser to a new range

And it is precisely from this perspective, the current News is so weighty. This is because, with the Listing on the Apple App Store for the Brave Browser receives a gigantic range, which will push the project even further. The probability is so high that more people will be on the Browser’s attention and test him. Therefore, we can follow eager to see if Brave announced soon, a new milestone in the monthly user base.

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